Google Maps is borrowing yet another handy feature from sister app Waze

Google Maps is borrowing yet another handy feature from sister app Waze
Google paid almost a billion dollars for the popular Israel-based Waze navigation app back in 2013, but curiously enough, the search giant took an awfully long time to integrate some of the basic features of its daughter service into the main Maps platform.

For instance, Google Maps users barely started seeing options to report crashes and speed traps added to their navigation service of choice a few months ago, with a wider rollout of these two features subsequently noticed and a handy third option seemingly enabled as we speak. As usual, we're looking at a staggered release, with a handful of screenshots shared by Android Police proving some people can add reports of crashes, speed traps, and slowdowns, while others are still waiting to get the first two parts of the incident reporting functionality.

With the traffic slowdown feature, also known as congestion in certain regions, Google Maps users should be able to contribute to a smoother navigation experience, with more realistic ETAs and helpful re-routing suggestions during peak hours. Along with the crash and speed trap reporting functionality, this will make Google Maps bear an even stronger resemblance to Waze, possibly escalating speculation that something might be going on soon.

Of course, unlike services like Google Plus, Inbox, or Allo, Waze is actually beloved and actively used by millions of people around the world. Specifically, more than 90 million drivers, according to the company's latest official count, spending an average of 438 minutes in the app each and every month. That's not something you can afford to throw away very easily, so we're guessing Google Maps and Waze will remain separate but increasingly similar for many years to come.

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