Google fixes lagging fingerprint scanner, ghost dialing, and many other 5G Pixel 6 issues with update

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Google fixes lagging fingerprint scanner, ghost dialing, and other 5G Pixel 6 issues with update
Google today is pushing out the latest security update and quarterly feature drop for compatible Pixel phones that will add some new capabilities to compatible Pixel devices. The feature drop is available starting today for models from the Pixel 3a to Pixel 5a with the Pixel 6 series receiving the update next week. Among the new features is Snapchat's Quick Tap to Snap which will work with the Pixel 4a 5G and later models.

Latest Pixel feature drop is announced bringing many new capabilities for the Pixel 3a to 5a starting today

With this feature, users will be able to tap twice on the back of their Pixel to open up their Snapchat camera even when the device is locked. A new exclusive "Pixel Face" filter will be available on the app to Pixel users only (with more on the way to be included with future feature drops). Users will be able to adjust how long they will have to long-press the power button to activate Google Assistant on Android 12.

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Pixel users love Now Playing because it tells them instantly the name and artist responsible for a song playing in the background. With the feature drop, if Now Playing isn't able to automatically reveal the name and the artist of a song playing in the background, you can manually ask it to search for that information. While Now Playing normally doesn't require an internet connection, the manual search will.

And on the Pixel 4 and later models, songs that Now Playing has identified can be added to a favorites list that can be accessed from your Now Playing history list found by going to Settings > Sound > Advanced > Now Playing > Now Playing history. Speaking of music, really audio in general, the feature drop adds a new accessibility feature for the hard of hearing.

Using the machine learning tools powered by the Google Tensor chip, Conversation mode will get rid of some surrounding noise. Consider this a Magic Eraser for the ears. Simply point your Pixel's camera at the person that you're speaking with and the phone does all of the work. Those with a compatible Pixel model can get early access to the feature starting today.

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With the update, you can hear punchier bass through the Pixel Buds-A using the controls inside any partner app on Android phones running 6.0+. So if you're all about that bass (no treble), you should be very happy to install the feature drop on your Pixel. The update also enables Ultra-wideband on the Pixel 6 Pro improving the Pixel's answer to the iPhone's AirDrop. With the update, one or more files can be sent to as many as four people.

Google's latest update exterminates many Pixel 6 bugs and improves the lagging fingerprint sensor

Like AirDrop, Nearby Share will tell you when there are people around you with the feature enabled. Keep in mind that when you send files to multiple users, they are sent one at a time instead of all at once simultaneously. The Car Crash Detection feature, the one that calls for help automatically when your phone detects that an accident has occurred, is now available in Taiwan, Italy, and France, and the Recorder app will now recognize German, French, and Japanese.

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Besides the feature drop and the update to the December security patch, Google is taking this opportunity to fix several bugs. The update exterminates the bug that caused Pixel phones to randomly make phone calls to contacts and 9-1-1. It also fixes a bug that caused certain apps and the UI to freeze, and improves audio playback that sounded horrible under certain conditions.

The update also fixes an issue that caused unwanted noises to be heard on videos recorded with Pixel handsets when the phones were protected by certain cases. It also repairs a bug that caused the microphone to cut out in the middle of a call, fixes an issue that caused the "occasional audio glitch" when volume levels were adjusted, and exterminates a bug that kept the Now Playing music recognition feature from working.

Improvements were made to wireless charging for compatible models, including alignment detection problems that popped up with the Pixel Stand. And the one fix that is bound to make Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users stand up and cheer is the one that brings improvements to the fingerprint sensor's stability & performance. You can find all of the improvements that today's update will bring right here.

Just remember that the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will receive the update next week. Pixel 3a to Pixel 5a can install it now by going to Settings > System > Advanced > System update.

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