Google Chrome boosts search on Android and iOS with new features

Google Chrome boosts search on Android and iOS with new features
Image credit — Google

Google Chrome is making mobile search even smoother with five new updates for Android and iOS. These changes aim to simplify tasks like finding local businesses, navigating websites, and staying updated on trending topics.

One of the most notable additions is the introduction of new Chrome Actions for local searches. Now, when you search for a restaurant or other business on your phone, you'll see shortcut buttons to quickly call, get directions, or read reviews. This feature is currently available on Android and will be coming to iOS later this year.

New Chrome Actions for local searches on Android | Image credit — Google

Tablet users will also appreciate the redesigned address bar on iPads and Android tablets. This refresh takes advantage of the larger screen size and aligns with Google's Material You design language. The new design ensures that the website you're currently viewing remains visible below the address bar drop-down, making it easier to return to it if needed.

New redesigned address bar on tablets | Image credit — Google

Another useful feature is the addition of shortcut suggestions in the address bar. This personalized touch helps you navigate to websites based on your usual typing habits. For instance, if you often type "schedules" to access your local transit system's website, Chrome will now prioritize that suggestion when you start typing.

New shortcut suggestions in the Chrome address bar | Image credit — Google

iOS users will now see trending search suggestions in their Chrome address bar, a feature that was previously available only on Android. These trends appear below your recent searches when you tap the address bar from the New Tab page, providing inspiration for your next web search.

New trending search suggestions in the iOS Chrome address bar | Image credit — Google

Sports fans will enjoy the new live sports cards in Chrome's Discover Feed on the New Tab page. These cards offer automatic updates on game scores and highlights for your favorite teams, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the latest sports news.

New live sports in the New Tab page | Image credit — Google

With these updates, Google Chrome is streamlining the mobile search experience. By making common tasks quicker to complete and offering personalized suggestions, Chrome is becoming a more convenient and efficient tool for browsing the web on your phone or tablet.

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