Google removes Dark Mode from Android Messages, no reason given

Google removes Dark Mode from Android Messages, no reason given
It was mere days ago that Google finally added a Dark Mode to Android Messages – a much-requested, long-awaited feature the turns the eye-burning white background of the app a dark shade of gray. Although we welcomed the addition, our first thought was, "why don't just make it black? Would've been perfect for OLED displays." None of this matters anymore, however, as Google has mysteriously and without explanation removed Dark Mode via a server-side switch.

First spotted by a Reddit user, the change has been confirmed by many whose app reverted to the default, white background and locked them out of the setting to switch to Dark Mode. We can also confirm that the same happened to us on multiple devices, upon checking after seeing the post.

We have no information currently on why this is happening, as Google did not immediately respond to our request for comment. Dark Mode on Android Messages can still be enabled on rooted devices, but Google has obviously pulled the theme for a reason. The reversal may be temporary, however, and made with the intention to solve bugs. We wouldn't be surprised if Google flips the switch and enables Dark Mode again in the coming weeks.
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