Crazy good Amazon UK deal lands the exceptional Galaxy Watch 5 Pro at its best price

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Crazy good Amazon UK deal lands the exceptional Galaxy Watch 5 Pro at its best price
While conventional smartwatches are undoubtedly incredibly feature-heavy compared to some fitness trackers and GPS watches, most options have a measly one-day battery life. Fortunately, this doesn’t apply to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. This puppy boasts a stellar battery life of over 60 hours. While it may typically be rather expensive, British shoppers now have a rather generous limited-time opportunity to get it at 35% off.

One of the best smartwatches may get regular discounts on the US market, but UK shoppers are just now getting this incredible chance to get the Bluetooth version at such affordable prices. That’s right – the Galaxy smartwatch has never been available at 35% off on Amazon UK before, making this time-sensitive deal as good as it gets. Don’t miss out!

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: Save £150 at Amazon UK

The Samsung smartwatch with stellar battery life and a titanium case going by the name of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro can now be yours at its best price on Amazon UK. The wearable in Gray with Bluetooth connectivity is now 35% cheaper, meaning you can save an impressive £150 on this timepiece with an impressive price-to-value ratio.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: now 33% off at Amazon

Don't live in the UK? Not to worry, the US version of the world's largest online retailer has an equally good offer on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro available for US readers. The timepiece can be yours on Amazon at a 33% cheaper price right now, which lands it just under the $300 mark.

To our knowledge, previous discounts on the Samsung smartwatch with the best battery life have never exceeded the £100 mark. The current offer, however, lets you save as much as £150 on the Gray model, which sounds like a pretty good offer to us. Then again, the discount is branded as a “limited-time deal,” so if we were you, we wouldn’t leave things to chance and claim our £150 in savings immediately.

While this isn’t the latest Samsung smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro remains a fantastic choice for Android users. It boasts a titanium case that even the more contemporary Galaxy Watch 6 Classic lacks, not to mention better battery life. 

Ideal for fans of the great outdoors, this bad boy also offers custom GPX routing, a feature not present on the Classic model. Granted, the Watch 5 Pro lacks the beloved bezel, but it looks incredibly stylish nonetheless. 

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With its 1.4-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen, the puppy is also easy to navigate despite the missing iconic bezel. Moreover, it’s packed with all the must-have sensors and features, offering heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking and coaching, workout and performance insights, and more.

And when you add the solid battery life of over three days (or 60 hours) on a single charge to the package, you get pretty much everything you could want from a conventional smartwatch. Ultimately, here are our two cents: the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is definitely worth the investment, all the more so at a £150 cheaper price.

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