The Galaxy S22 Ultra may take better night-time photos

The Galaxy S22 Ultra may take better night-time photos
Okay, leaks and reports about the yet-unannounced Samsung Galaxy S22 series are now seriously building up the hype for the upcoming phones, and especially, for the Galaxy S22 Ultra (or Galaxy S22 Note as some reports have indicated the phone might be called). Now, reputable leaker IceUniverse has shared some more details about the S22 Ultra on Twitter.

IceUniverse says the Galaxy S22 Ultra's night shot quality has been improved

The leaker has previously talked about the S22 Ultra's camera. This time, he's giving us details specifically about night shooting. He sats that enhancements of the 108MP main camera of the Galaxy S22 Ultra in anti-shake, focusing, and light input have improved the capabilities of better night shots taken by the Ultra.

It seems that Samsung has planned more improvements for that 108MP main camera on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, at least judging by rumors and leaks. Recently, we also heard the main camera will be able to produce overall better photos. This information again comes from IceUniverse, who seems to be in possession of photo evidence which he cannot share at the moment.

IceUniverse stated that the Galaxy S22 Ultra's 108MP mode will feature an artificial intelligence-powered image quality enhancement mode and will result in better details, colors, and brightness of the photos. Additionally, we have heard the S22 Ultra will also have a macro mode-like feature that will allow you to take good quality and detailed close-up photos.

This macro mode-like feature is reportedly going to be called 'Detail enhancer' and will be present on the main camera of the S22 Ultra, which may result in other phones with a 108MP camera also getting it via a software update in the future. The smaller Galaxy S22+ or the vanilla Galaxy S22 won't sport a 108MP main camera, so keep that in mind.

With all these details revealed about the Galaxy S22 Ultra, it seems the powerful flagship is shaping to be one of the best camera phones available next year.

Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra: what we know (or heard) so far

Leakers have had a lot to say recently about the trio flagship phones from Samsung, and the picture of what we should expect when they are released is starting to become clearer and clearer. Now, let's discuss what we have heard about the three phones so far.

First off, we expect the Galaxy S22 line to be released globally sometime in February, although the exact release date of the three flagships is still unknown at the moment.

Recently, the Galaxy S22 line will be available in a variety of interesting colors you can choose from. Of course, this is leaked info so we can't be 100% sure until we see the phones announced by Samsung. Additionally, keep in mind that it could also happen like this year when some Galaxy S21 colors were exclusive to However, here's what the leaked colors of the trio are:
  • Galaxy S22 - blue, gray, purple, beige, black, white, green, rose gold
  • Galaxy S22 Plus - blue, gray, purple, beige, black, white, green, rose gold
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra - black, white, dark red, green

Apart from that, the three phones are expected to come with, of course, flagship-grade specs, such as the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra, or what could be called the Galaxy S22 Note, is expected to come with a dedicated S Pen slot. The phone should boast a 6.8-inch display with the now-standard 120Hz refresh rate. On the back, the S22 Ultra is expected to come with a quad-camera system sporting the aforementioned 108MP main sensor. Complementing the main sensor will be a 12MP ultra-wide cam, a 10MP 10x periscope zoom module, and a 10MP 3x telephoto lens. Quite understandably, this powerhouse of a phone will have a 5,000mAh battery.

For the vanilla S22, we expect a 6.06-inch screen, while the S22 Plus will reportedly have a 6.55-inch display panel. The former will pack a 3,700mAh battery, while the latter is expected to carry a 4,500mAh cell. Additionally, both phones are most likely going to come with triple cameras with a 50MP main sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide, and a 10MP 3x telephoto.

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