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How to make the back gesture on Galaxy S20 easier with a case on

How to make the back gesture easier on Galaxy S20 with a case on
With taller screens and beefier batteries, the Samsung S20 and S20+ are larger, heavier, and more pronounced in the hand than their S10 counterparts. Thanks to the slightly skinnier aspect ratio, however, they are more narrow, and very manageable in the hand still, even the larger Plus model.

What gets in the way of ergonomics more than the size difference, though, is the display curve angle of the new S20 series. Samsung chose a flatter panel for the S20, and the preinstalled protector is not completely overlapping the side frame. 

Thus, your finger catches the protector edge each time you swipe from the left or right side to go back in the interface when you are using navigation gestures. With the official case on, however, and its raised lips meant to protect the phone's display when laying face-down, the edgy inconvenience is largely moot. 

With any wrapper, however, and its raised lip that protects the display, comes another issue, going smoothly back in the interface with a gesture. We've grown accustomed to use the back swipe gesture from the edge of the screen ever since Android or phone maker overlays baked it in the interface navigation options.

It's way more convenient to use it to go back than stretching all the way down on a big-screen phone, and Android fans go back A LOT, while iPhone users either don't have that option, or it's inconsistently all over the place. 

Curved or "waterfall" displays may have many disadvantages, but swiping to go back feels sooo good on those, while flatter screens scrape off your epidermis, especially with an ill-fitting screen protector on. A raised case, however, makes the gesture just as uncomfortable, as the span of the movement increases and you might miss the set perimeter for the action.

Here's how to make the back gesture easier on Galaxy S20 with a case on:

  1. Samsung has been providing an option to adjust the sensitivity of the display for the back gesture for a while now in One UI.
  2. Go to Settings > Display > Navigation bar > Full screen gestures > More options > Swipe from sides and bottom
  3. Find the Back gesture sensitivity slider below, and adjust it so that the range fits the movement of your thumb from the edge of the case.

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