Tipster says Foxconn is producing Pixel Fold/Notepad and Pixel 7 Ultra with 2K display

Tipster says Foxconn is producing Pixel Fold/Notepad and Pixel 7 Ultra with 2K display
A tipster has posted a stunning leak on China's Weibo social media site. According to Digital Chat Station, who was among the first to reveal the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 name of Qualcomm's current top-of-the-line Applications Processor (AP), Foxconn is in the process of manufacturing two new Pixel phones; neither one is the Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro.

One of the models being built in China, according to the tipster, is the first foldable Pixel which could be named the Pixel Fold or the Pixel Notepad. Recently, we told you that hidden code discovered in the Google Camera 8.6 app featured an icon of the Pixel Fold/Notepad with an arrow showing how to close the device. Powered by Google's own Tensor chip, the foldable is reportedly going to be equipped with a 7.6-inch display inside matching the size of the internal display expected on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

The camera array on the Pixel Fold/Notepad is supposedly the same 12.2MP primary camera and 16MP ultra-wide camera that was used on the Pixel 5 flagship released in 2020.

The other phone that Foxconn is allegedly working on is a new flagship that could be known as the Pixel 7 Ultra which will feature a Sony IMX787 image sensor. That particular sensor is not listed as one of the four expected to be used on the Pixel 7 series. The IMX787 is being used in conjunction with a "sub-camera" although what that means is not clear.

You might think that it means that the sensor will drive a periscope-based telephoto camera. After all, there is one in the Pixel 6 Pro. But Digital Chat Station says that the Pixel 7 Ultra's telephoto camera will employ a 50MP sensor made by Samsung, the ISOCELL GN1. This is the same sensor that we should find on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

The tipster says that an engineering sample of the Pixel 7 Ultra has a 2K display and a ceramic body. Even with Digital Chat Station's decent record, we need to see these two phones before we can believe it. A Pixel 7 Ultra sounds more exciting to this writer than a Pixel Fold/Notepad. Will it work with a Pixel pen? Right now, the sky is the limit as you daydream about the features and specs that we might find with such a device.

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