Fitbit Charge 6 renders showcase the upcoming tracker with a button and three colors

Fitbit Charge 6 renders showcase the upcoming tracker with a button and three colors
Although its key selling points will obviously lie elsewhere, the upcoming Pixel Watch 2 is virtually guaranteed to also follow its predecessor's example in blending popular Google apps and services with Fitbit's most advanced health tracking technology available right now for a pretty much unrivaled overall user experience (at least outside of Apple's ecosystem).

But what if you want all a big part of that at a lower price than $350 or so? The Fitbit Sense 2 can be a great alternative, especially at a nice discount, even though it's certainly a tad disappointing to hear no word of an impending sequel in the rumor mill just yet.

The overall humbler and significantly cheaper Fitbit Charge 5, on the other hand, does have a follow-up on the way, and thanks to an exclusive new MySmartPrice leak, we now know exactly how the aptly named Fitbit Charge 6 will look.

The next-gen activity tracker seems awfully similar to the 2021-released Charge 5 at first glance, but upon a closer inspection of these freshly revealed renders, you'll undoubtedly notice one important difference. Yes, that's a physical button on the right side of the Charge 6 there, just as you may have envisioned after 9To5Google's related report was published a couple of weeks ago.

While we're definitely not going to blame you if you feel like that's a fairly trivial cosmetic detail, keep in mind that it could vastly improve the functionality of one of the best wearable devices out there, allowing its owners to quickly and intuitively navigate between various menus and easily access the home screen whenever you want to simply check the time.

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Today's product depictions also reveal and visualize the black, beige, and pink color options of the fast-approaching Fitbit Charge 6, which will thus be relatively easy to distinguish from the black, "lunar white", and "steel blue" Charge 5. 

Everything else appears to be exactly the same, at least on the surface, with Google "smarts" like YouTube Music and Google Maps support however expected to be added to the familiar-looking hardware and largely unchanged Fitbit UI to achieve an extremely hard-to-beat value proposition in the non-smartwatch wearable space. 

The Fitbit Charge 6 is likely to go official in just a couple of days (specifically, on September 28), thus beating the second-gen Pixel Watch to the market while presumably taking on devices like the Garmin Vivosmart 5 at a sub-$200 price.

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