Vote now: Do you own a VR/AR headset?

Vote now: Do you own a VR/AR headset?
Virtual reality has been “just around the corner” for well over a decade (actually, the first head mounted VR system was created and used back in 1968), and even though there were some serious advances over the past few years, it seems that the technology hasn’t lived up to its potential. Not just yet.

The reasons behind this are fairly complex - on one hand, the technology hasn’t matured enough to offer a practical solution that also features a high-resolution, high-bandwidth image stream. On the other hand, the wide adoption of VR has been additionally hampered by the lack of support from developers, poor implementation in gaming, and the sheer price of the hardware.

Now, this might change quite quickly, as Apple’s own interpretation of a VR/AR system is about to hit the market, according to the latest leaks and rumors. According to these little snippets of information, we’re talking about a mixed-reality headset that uses ultra-high resolution 4K micro-OLED displays coupled with eye-tracking capabilities and hand gesture support.

You can give Apple flak for many things, but you can’t deny that the company knows how to commercialize a product (or an idea). We were thinking about asking you whether you would buy such a thing but maybe it’s more interesting to count our chickens first.

So, today the question is a simple one - do you own a VR/AR headset? We’re including some additional options in the poll, to cover for any resell scenarios, and also we want to see how many people have tried this technology, as well.

Do you own a VR/AR headset?

I had one in the past.
No, but I've tried one.
Other (in the comments)

I’ve tried the first PSVR headset in a racing game and nearly vomited, and also the first Oculus (which was somehow a more pleasant experience). How about you? Share your stories in the comments below.

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