CMF Phone (1) starts teaser campaign building the phone piece by piece every day until launch

CMF Phone (1) starts teaser campaign building the phone piece by piece every day until launch
Image credit — CMF by Nothing (X)

Nothing as a brand has an uncanny ability to build excitement for its upcoming products using clever marketing, and the company is doing just that by slowly revealing the CMF Phone (1) over the next nine days until the full design reveal. The CMF Phone (1), a sub-brand of Nothing, is the first smartphone to be made under the CMF umbrella and constitutes the brand's first truly budget phone.

CMF and Nothing have been hard at work releasing timely teases for the CMF Phone (1), which is expected to be officially announced on July 8th along with the Watch Pro (2) and Buds Pro (2). As part of the marketing, we have seen several sections of the phone revealed that have helped in forming an overall picture of what we can expect. However, CMF is now taking this to the next level.

Via daily posts on its Instagram account, the company is revealing details about some of the phone's 3000 components until the launch. This campaign will run for exactly nine days, and today is day two. Yesterday's reveal showcased the screen's installation onto the phone's body, while today's featured none other than Jerry Rig Everything assembling the main board.

So far, these are the details we have learned through these official teases, discounting any unofficial rumors:

Screen (Day One)
  • Super Amoled screen
  • 120Hz adaptive refresh rate
  • Peak brightness of over 2000 nits
  • Supports over one billion colors

Mainboard (Day Two)
  • Up to 16GB RAM for smooth multitasking and fast storage
  • Geomagnetism sensor which serves as a digital compass for navigation
  • Accelerator and Gyroscope sensor for movement

This strategy of revealing components one by one and showing them being easily put together by popular content creators supports what has been said about this device being "modular" and easily repairable. Additionally, as part of the campaign, CMF also announced that it is giving away a brand-new phone every day. For this giveaway, CMF says all that's required to participate is to follow their Instagram account, comment under the reveal posts with the hashtag #CMFPhone1, and share to your story. This is definitely contributing to the excitement around the release of this device.

More details about the phone will be unveiled in the coming days leading up to the official launch, so stay tuned.

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