Clubhouse gets dark mode support on iOS and Android (finally!)

Clubhouse gets dark mode support on iOS and Android (finally!)
Finally, Clubhouse is now getting a long-anticipated feature on both Android and iOS! And yes, you guessed it: the live audio chat app is about to get dark mode support. 9to5Mac reports that the wait for dark mode support is almost over for Clubhouse users on mobile, but it might take a bit of time before the option becomes available to everyone.

Clubhouse getting dark mode support on iOS and Android

"Not the mode you need, but the mode you deserve", Clubhouse says in its official blog post about the feature, noting it is a long-awaited feature for its users. On top of that, Clubhouse also noted that it is aware of mockups and tweaks that showcase how dark mode would look if it was available for Clubhouse.

Pretty much, dark mode support in Clubhouse will work just like any other app that supports it. This feature is now rolling out to all users, although may take some time for everyone to receive it.

Interestingly enough, instead of a completely black interface, the Clubhouse app has opted for a dark mode with a velvety dark background and light text (but not exactly white either). This color combination should make the app more comfortable to use at night, according to the blog post.

As you might imagine, you would get the option to enable dark mode based on device settings, or simply use the Clubhouse in dark mode all the time.

You need to have the latest version of the app installed on your phone to benefit from dark mode. Keep in mind that Clubhouse notes it might take a couple of days for everyone on iOS and Android to get the update, but it should soon be coming to your phone.

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Other recent Clubhouse features you might like

Recently, we reported on the fact that Clubhouse is working on another quite interesting feature for its users: in-chat games. The thing is that this feature is still in testing, so it isn't widely available yet and we don't have a timeline for its release at the moment.

The game that this feature will debut with is called Wild Cards, which consists of a series of questions to initiate conversations between you and your friends. We'll see how this will go once it's rolled out, but for now, it sounds this would be something that might be exciting to try out with your friends.

However, if you're more on the shy side, Clubhouse has not forgotten about you. Another cool feature (and that one is not in testing, but official now) is In-room Chat, for those of you who are microphone-shy. This new feature will work like any chat room during a live audio session and will allow you to text your responses, or share jokes or reactions. It could also be useful if you don't want to interrupt the person who's talking.

On top of that, voice room moderators are able to delete chat messages. Basically, creators can appoint mods to keep an eye on the chat and delete messages if found inappropriate.

Understandably though, if the room has hundreds or thousands of people, the task of moderating chat comments will indeed prove to be quite difficult. As a creator, you are also able to delete chat messages at any moment, and even after the live session has ended.

And last but not least, Clubhouse has recently introduced a Wave Bar that shows which of your friends are currently online so you can easily start a new audio room with them. The Wave Bar opens social rooms and not private ones. This pretty much means that friends of all the participants in the audio chat will be able to join the conversation. Understandably, there's always the option to decide to keep the convo private: there is an option to quickly lock the room to private if you decide you want to.

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