Clubhouse's new Wave update makes it easier to start a room with friends who are online

Clubhouse's new "Wave of Updates" makes it easier to start a live room with friends that are online
Clubhouse, an audio-chat social media platform that got very popular last year, has been adding new features recently. One of them is a new Wave Bar feature that will help you easily see who is online, reports 9to5Mac. It seems that at this point this feature is an experiment, but it is included in a new update announced this week.

Clubhouse app gets "Wave Bar" for people who are currently online

Basically, the Wave Bar feature will show a new bar at the top of the screen in the app, that will show who of your friends is online at the moment, therefore making it easier for you to interact with them. With this change in the UI, you can invite your friends and start an audio room directly from the home screen of the Clubhouse app.

The Wave Bar opens social rooms and not private ones. This pretty much means that friends of all the participants in the audio chat will be able to join the conversation. Understandably, there's always the option to decide to keep the convo private: there is an option to quickly lock the room to private if you decide you want to.

So far, the blog post notes that this is an experiment currently rolling out to iOS and Android, and the company is open to feedback through the social media channels Clubhouse uses.

Apart from that, there are also a couple of notable changes to the audio room interface as well. There, just like from the home screen, you will be able to invite friends to a social room with a simple tap.

According to Clubhouse, many rooms that are created on the app are all people catching up with friends and spontaneous conversations. The blog post reads that this is actually what makes Clubhouse great, that it is quite user-friendly to this type of spontaneous, casual moments throughout daily life.

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Keep in mind that this feature is an "experiment" and if the majority of people end up not liking it, it may be rolled back based on feedback.

This is not the only new feature Clubhouse has recently gotten

Clubhouse has been keeping the updates going and not leaving the app without new features or useful tweaks that aim to enhance your experience on there. A previous update that we reported on introduced a helpful feature for people who don't really feel like they want to express everything in audio form: In-Room Chat.

With the In-Room Chat feature, users are able to communicate via text in the room, send emojis or reactions, or even spell out their opinion on a subject matter instead of saying it out loud. Pretty much, it works in a similar manner to Zoom or Skype. Basically, you will be able to chat within a live audio room.

The feature would be useful to share jokes and request songs to be played by the hosts as well.

On top of that, voice room moderators will be able to delete chat messages. Basically, creators can appoint mods to keep an eye on the chat and delete messages if found inappropriate.

As a creator, you will also be able to delete chat messages at any moment, and even after the live session has ended. Additionally, you will be able to turn off the In-Room chat at any moment as well, if it proves to be unproductive or annoying.

Creators can choose to disable text chat when starting a new audio room if they don't feel like having the feature. Additionally, the audience will also be able to report comments in the chat and provide feedback to moderators, so that the text chat is safe from trolls.

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