No, the cheaper iPhone 14 models won't have fast 120Hz displays

No, the cheaper iPhone 14 models won't have fast 120Hz displays
Despite all recent rumors to the contrary, a famed Apple developer and leaker DylanDKT reiterates that neither the iPhone 14, nor the iPhone 14 Plus specs will include the ProMotion screen technology, after all. He also adds that an under-display Touch ID module isn't happening before the iPhone 15 models hit the shelves next year, but that much we already knew. 

ProMotion is Apple's fancy way of naming panels with refresh rates higher than 60Hz and the technology was just recently brought to the iPhone realm from its iPad Pro universe, a few years after the first Android phones with 90Hz, 120Hz, or more, displays.

The iPhone 14 120Hz display saga

At first we thought that all iPhone 14 models will come with 120Hz displays back in the summer. Then we had a subsequent rumor that "at least one" of the models would have a 120Hz LTPO panel - most likely the iPhone 14 Pro Max - which was hard to believe given that both iPhone 13 Pro models now enjoy fast screens.

Afterwards came the news that LG has finally mastered the frugal LTPO panel production yield enough to warrant Apple's iPhone 14 series display contracts. There reportedly was a chance that the iPhone 14 Max will also sport a 120Hz panel as its 6.7" panel will be supplied by LG, leaving just the iPhone 14 to be a 60Hz affair. 

Next up was the rumor that all four iPhone 14 models will have screens with faster refresh rates yet again. That one was also hard to believe, given that the iPhone 14 panel would be made by Apple's budget display suppliers from BOE and, potentially, by LG.

The last rumor about the state of the ProMotion feature for the iPhone 14 and 14 Max, however, came from none other than famed display supply chain analyst Ross Young who warned that all-the-iPhones speculation is wrong, and only the iPhone 14 Pro models will be at 120Hz. Leaker Dylan seems to agree with that last one, hopefully putting an end to the Great 120Hz Rumor Confusion of 2022. 

Alternatively, Apple may simply be waiting on its display suppliers to come up with enough LTPO display panel yield to satisfy the demand for the millions of iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max models it is expected to ship, and its plans are changing depending on the production success of LG and BOE. 

After all, Apple doesn't want to be stranded with a sole OLED panel supplier for the cheaper iPhone 14 models as then Samsung could command higher prices of the most expensive phone component and eat into its profit margins.

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