Best Google Pixel 4a cases

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Best Google Pixel 4a cases
Now that the Google Pixel 4a is up for preorder, it's time to think about accessorizing the (admittedly very affordable) phone, as it only comes in mate black, and you might want to add some pizzazz to the case protection.

The Pixel 4a at $349 for the 128GB model shoots many birds with one stone. In an increasingly image-centric world, it offers cameras on par or often better than those on $1000 phones. The oily stock Android with 3-year upgrade guarantees, free media backup, durable matte body that you don't have to baby, or easy and cheap repairability only add to the already formidable appeal of Google's computational photography.

In fact, barring some unforeseen launch mishaps due to the coronavirus production delays, the Pixel 4a may be the budget phone to reach for if you are looking for a more compact device, alongside the OnePlus Nord that is not coming to the US any time soon. This is why we are rounding up a few of the best wrappers for Google's newest member of the Pixel family.

The best Google Pixel 4a cases you can buy right now

  • Thin Fit by Spigen
  • Fabric Case by Google
  • Gear4 Crystal Palace

The Google Pixel 4a Fabric Case

Made of machine-washable fabric that is 70% recycled material like plastic water bottles, the official Google Pixel 4a Fabric Case is is soft and durable, with raised edges, and a microfiber lining to prevent the scratching of your phone.

We wish there were more colors, though, as Blue Confetti, Static Gray, and Basically Black simply won't cut it when you can have any phone color you want for the Pixel 4a, as long as it's matte black. 

At $40, the Google Pixel 4a Fabric Case isn't cheap by any means, but at least it's an interesting design concept. You can also order the cases bundled with the Pixel 4a directly from Amazon, instead of having to go through the Google Store.

Google Pixel 4a Thin Fit by Spigen case

Since the recycled fabric case is the only official one that Google makes for the Pixel 4a, you'd have to look elsewhere for anything more orthodox, like a thin and affordable clear case. As usual, Spigen's Thin Fit line fits that description with a great thin case for ten bucks, providing enough protection from dings and scratches for the price. 

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Said price is knocked down to just $9.99 by Amazon, as opposed to $14.99 MSRP, as you can see in the order link here. Unfortunately, it is only available in black.

ZAGG Gear4 Crystal Palace

If you are looking for a durable clear case that won't yellow with time and will still protect the Pixel 4a from 13-foot drops, the aptly-named Crystal Palace will set you back $39.99 but that's the price to pay for the impact-resistant D3O material, and the germ-killing finish. Alternatively, you can just wait for this one to pop up over at Amazon for a lot less.

Tech21 Studio Color

Licorice with Jade buttons? Check. Rock Candy with Coral buttons? Yep, the $29.99 Tech21 Studio Color cases for the Pixel 4a are really available in those combos. While not as protective from drops as the Crystal Palace above, the Studio Color line does add some flashiness to the dull Pixel 4a exterior, and is covered in antimicrobial coating.

ESR Metal Kickstand

Just as it says on the tin, ESR's Kickstand case for the Pixel 4a has a built in metal "leg" you can prop up the phone on to binge-watch YouTube when needed, in addition to the clear flexible bumper looks. The kickstand can be adjusted at various angles, and the ESR wrapper is very affordable, too.

OtterBox Pixel 4a Commuter Series Case 

Want something more rugged? The OtterBox Commuter line needs little introduction, and can protect your Pixel 4a from high drops, dust and debris with its two-layer design. Silver infusion in the case's top polycarbonate layer keeps germs away, too.

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