Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protectors you can buy right now

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Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protectors you can buy
The Galaxy S22 series is now more than a year old but it's still one of the best Samsung has to offer. If you're an Android user looking for a new phone, the three smartphones offered by the Korean brand should meet all of your needs. The vanilla Galaxy S22 and the top tier Galaxy S22 Plus are both excellent, but there will always be the Ultra. And even though the Galaxy S23 landed and replaced the S22 Ultra, there are still people who prefer to buy a generation back. (Psst, check out those deals below to find out why).

The 512GB Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra can be had for just $299.99

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The Samsung Galaxy S22+ is now $800 off

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The 256GB Samsung Galaxy S22 can be had for a $100 instead of $849

The Galaxy S22's storage upgrade to 256GB is now free, plus you can get up to $700 off with a trade-in.
$849 99

Save $825 on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

The 128GB Tab S8 Ultra enjoys $675 enhanced trade-in credit, plus free Galaxy Buds Pro earphones with a purchase.
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$1099 99

Back to the Galaxy S22 Ultra. This phone has a S Pen as well as a curved front display. Curved displays, however, have one significant disadvantage: they are rather brittle. As a result, a screen protector is nearly essential with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. We've compiled a list of the finest Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protectors so you don't have to worry about smashing your new precious gem.

But first, let’s answer one pressing question.

Will Galaxy S21 Ultra screen protectors fit the Galaxy S22 Ultra?

Both yes and no. While both variants have the same screen size, the actual proportions differ. You could definitely make an old Galaxy S21 Ultra screen protector fit the Galaxy S22, but there are no promises that the fit would be flawless. Tempered glass screen protectors are much riskier, since even a tiny change in size might result in a misaligned curve on the edges.

So, given the price of the Galaxy S22 Ultra versus the price of even the most expensive screen protector, we would advise getting a new one, made specifically for the S22 Ultra. No reason to risk it to save a couple of bucks. Oh, and by the way, you should check out our Best Galaxy S22 Ultra cases article as well.

Official Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protector from Samsung

If you want to keep things official, and not rely on third-party screen protectors for your new Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung has an official screen protector for this model. It's a thin film protector, which means you probably won't get the protection level of tempered glass but the company claims this Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protector adds an extra layer of protection with anti-scratch & anti-fingerprint coatings.

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There are other benefits to using thin film protectors - they're very thin and they don't mess up with the touchscreen sensitivity. Samsung says this protector works perfectly with the fingerprint scanner of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and it is also crystal clear, and won't change the colors of the display (nor its brightness). The installation is also pretty easy, thanks to the included applicator. The price is also pretty good, given its an official Samsung product.

Samsung - Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector - Clear

Whitestone Dome Premium Film Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protector

Whitestone is a well-known player on the screen protector scene, and while most people are familiar with the Dome Glass model, there's also a thin film solution by the company. Again, it's a bit softer than tempered glass, Whitestone rates this 2 sheets at 8H hardness, which is enough to keep scratches and scuffs away. As an added bonus, there are two tempered glass camera protectors in the package to cover these high-tech lenses.

As with the official Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protector, this thin film is very lightweight, and offers great touch sensitivity. There's an oleophobic coating to battle annoying fingerprints, and the installation is pretty easy, despite the curved sides of the screen (another perk of a flexible screen protector). The price is also very good.

Dome Premium Film

Galaxy S22 Ultra Flexible EPU Film Screen Protector by Whitestone

ZAGG InvisibleShield Fusion Defense Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protector

ZAGG is a leviathan when it comes to smartphone screen protection. The company's InvisibleShield screen protectors are in a league of their own. Here we have cherrypicked for you a brand-new concept in ZAGG's portfolio - hybrid screen protectors. The InvisibleShield Fusion Defense Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protector is a flexible hybrid polymer that won’t chip or crack.

It is specifically designed for curved screens to get maximum protection, easy application, and all the bells and whistles of a regular, tempered glass ZAGG model. This Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protector features ZAGG's proprietary D3O protection, an antimicrobial coating, an oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating, plus smooth surface and perfect transparency for the best viewing, and trouble-free biometric experiences.

The ZAGG InvisibleShield Fusion Defense Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protector isn't cheap but it's one of the best options out there. 

ZAGG - InvisibleShield Fusion Defense

Curve Flexible Hybrid Screen Protector with Glass-like Feel for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Spigen NeoFlex Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector

Spigen offers its own take on the flexible screen protector, and it's much more affordable than the aforementioned models. It seem that this year the flexible options dominate the best Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protector articles. That's not surprising at all, have you a ever tried to install a tempered glass on a curved screen - it's nightmare.

Back to the Spigen option on this list. It's a similar package to the above models - with a EPU thin film protecting your Galaxy S22 Ultra screen from scratches and other minor damage. There's an oleophobic coating onboard, the transparency is ace, and there are two sheets in the package. Have we mentioned how good the price/quality ration on these Spigen Galaxy S22 screen protectors is?

Spigen NeoFlex Screen Protector Designed for Galaxy S22 Ultra

Supershieldz Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector

You can go even lower in price if you opt for a thin film Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protector from SuperShieldz. We already covered the benefits to this design - it’s much easier to install and will fit the curved sides of the S22 Ultra perfectly.

This screen protector is also very light and thin, and uses silicone gel to “vacuum” to the display - no adhesive needed. On the other hand, the shatter protection is not on par with tempered glass screen protectors but it will guard against scratches and nasty fingerprints. You can't beat the price of this one - it's the most affordable Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protector of the bunch.

Supershieldz Designed for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G

2 pack

LIQUID GLASS Screen Protector with $750 Coverage

There’s another way to protect your Galaxy S22 Ultra and it doesn’t involve sticking a slate of plastic or glass on top of its screen. Behold the liquid glass technology.

As the name suggests, you simply put a few droplets on your Galaxy S22 Ultra, wipe it on, buff it up, and you’re good to go. This solution is made of microscopic glass particles, suspended in a liquid solution.

It’s a clever idea that adds another layer of protection to your phone’s screen, and does so in style. Furthermore, Liquid Glass offers insurance with your purchase covering up to $750 in screen damage. You can use the tiny bottle to cover the screens of multiple devices (5-6 regularly sized smartphones), and the solution is compatible with under-display fingerprint scanners.

LIQUID GLASS Screen Protector with $750 Coverage

Wipe On Scratch and Shatter Resistant Nano Protection for All Phones Tablets and Smart Watches

cellhelmet Liquid Glass Screen Protector

This is another take on the same idea, although a more premium one, as it’s made in America. The CellHelmet Liquid Glass universal screen protector covers your Galaxy S22 Ultra screen with a coating, 500x thinner than a human hair.

It’s pretty thin but the guys at CellHelmet say that even at that thickness the liquid screen protector enhances your screen durability. The application is quite easy, and given that the Galaxy S22 Ultra features a curved screen, this solution (again with the puns) may be the best one for you.

cellhelmet Liquid Glass Screen Protector

Universal for All iPhone, Galaxy & All Phones | Made in USA |

Crystalusion Plus Active Anti-Bacterial Screen Protection Solution

Speaking of solutions, durability is not the only factor you should consider. Today we’re talking much more often about antiviral and anti-bacterial protection. There’s a solution to this problem when it comes to your smartphone (which is one of the dirtiest objects around you, by the way), and this solution is called Crystalusion.

You apply it like the liquid screen protectors we mentioned earlier but instead of hardening the glass, this one kills up to 99.9% of viruses, fungi and bacteria on the screen.

There’s science backing up this product coming from medical institutes in Switzerland and Turkey - the nanocoating on the display lasts up to 10 days, and one batch will last you up to three months. It’s safe, invisible, and you can apply it to virtually any device.

Buy the Crystalusion Plus Active Anti-Bacterial Screen Protection Solution


There you have it. Your not-so-new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra should be fully protected now (check out the best Galaxy S22 Ultra cases). Until the next big Samsung flagship reveal happens, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is your best bet to get into the Android flagship game. These are the best Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protectors you can get and the list will only grow from here. Be sure to check this space regularly, as we will be updating it with new entries pretty much every day. 

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