The best Galaxy S22 Ultra cases you can buy right now

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The best Galaxy S22 Ultra cases you can buy
The Galaxy S22 series is no longer the finest that Samsung has to offer (the Galaxy S23 took away this title away), but according to one of our surveys, many of you still prefer the company's previous flagship. 

Furthermore, now that the next generation has landed, there are amazing deals on the S22 Ultra (check them out below), and if you've already pulled the trigger on one, it's time to talk about protection. The Galaxy S22 Ultra features a curved display and is more susceptible to damage, which means you need a case.

There are a lot of phone cases to choose from, which can be confusing, and finding the right one for your Galaxy S22 Ultra on the internet can be a long and stressful process. We're here to assist you. This ultra-premium flagship phone requires proper safeguards. Fortunately, there are smartphone cases for any situation and budget.

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Most of the time, the best Galaxy S22 Ultra cases are the official ones from Samsung, and we've included those ones here as well, alongside some models from brands that we like. So, without further ado, let’s check out all selection of the best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra cases, arranged systematically for your viewing pleasure.

Table of contents:

The official Galaxy S22 Ultra cases follow in the footsteps of the previous models but that’s not a bad thing. Samsung offers official cases for almost any scenario, and if you don’t want to gamble on a third-party accessory, this is the perfect option.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Silicone Cover

This classic Samsung silicone cover is back and most of you guys are already familiar with its stylish and understated qualities.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra Silicone Cover offers a tight fit, adds minimum bulk to the phone, and offers enough protection to keep your new gem away from scratches and scuffs.

Plus, it’s lightweight, supports wireless charging, and it has easy access to all the ports, controls and connectors. The colors Samsung normally offers with these cases are also pretty fresh and unique.

This Lavender color option is a great example, and according to the retailer there will be three more color options - black, red (Burgundy), and olive green. 

Galaxy S22 Ultra Silicone Case

Official Samsung case - Black

Galaxy S22 Ultra Silicone Cover with a strap

Samsung decided to go bold and add a strap to the silicone case for better handling, and also to add some flavor. You can choose from different types of straps, you can slide your hand and hold your Galaxy S22 Ultra more securely, or even hang it somewhere - why not.

The case itself is almost the same as its strapless silicone brother, offering a slim profile and matte finish. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is quite a large device with its almost 7-inch display, so adding this strap could improve your one-hand operations with the phone immensely.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Silicon with Strap

Official Samsung case - White

Galaxy S22 Ultra LED View Cover

Another classic in Samsung’s portfolio, the Smart LED cover offers something unique - the ability to peek at notifications and some basic data without the need to open the cover on your Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The LED display baked inside the case features a cool dot-matrix retro design and there’s an automatic sleep/wake function plus a place to store your credit cards and cash. The colors for this one are gray and black but they’re not the boring type. Prices start at $64.99.

Galaxy S22 Ultra LED View Case - Black

Official Samsung case - Black

Galaxy S22 Ultra S-View Flip Cover

This case takes the idea of the LED View cover and takes it a tad further. The Galaxy S22 Ultra Clear View Cover allows you to get the most vital information at a glance (time, battery life, incoming calls and messages), without the need to take your phone and open the cover.

Unlike previous models of this case, this time around Samsung has decided to put the window in the upper left corner. There’s a cool option listed on the retailer site too - “doubles as a mirror when not in use”. How cool is that? This one costs $49.99.

Galaxy S22 Ultra S-View Case

Samsung official case - Black

Galaxy S22 Ultra Clear Standing Cover

The Clear Standing Cover is another well-known and loved Galaxy case from Samsung. Not only does it keep the original color of the phone on display, but it also adds protection and the ability to open the kickstand and watch movies and clips handsfree.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra Clear Standing Cover might not look like it but it features a military grade drop protection, while keeping things on the thinner and lighter side. These normally go for $29.99 but there's a backorder deal at BestBuy, and you can get it for $19.99.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Clear Standing Case

Samsung official case - Clear
$19 99
$29 99
Buy at BestBuy

Galaxy S22 Ultra Protective Standing Case

If you want maximum protection, then this case is the right one for you. It takes the military-grade protection from the Clear Standing cover and takes it to new heights. Textured surface for easy grip, bumpers, lips, you name it.

Of course, the Galaxy S22 Ultra Protective Standing Case is not as slim or as sleek as the other Samsung official Galaxy S22 Ultra case on this list but it offers an unparalleled protection. And there’s a kickstand too. These are still not available but we expect the price to be around $39.99.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Protective Standing Cover

Official Samsung case - Navy

Galaxy S22 Ultra Leather Case

Leather is always in fashion and if you want to keep the sophistication of your new Galaxy S22 Ultra device, Samsung has a leather cover for you. It's made of genuine leather with a fine, smooth texture, and it also comes in the same Burgundy color that's so classy.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra Leather Case also offers some adequate protection against scratches and scuffs, it's wireless charger compatible, and wraps around the whole phone. It's slim, stylish, and not all that expensive, too. What's not to like?

Galaxy S22 Ultra Leather Case

Official Samsung case - Burgundy

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra clear cases

This year the Galaxy S22 series comes in pretty cool colors (the green color options is one of our favorites), and there's no point in hiding them. That's where clear cases come in. Visually, you probably won't notice a clear case from a distance but it will protect your phone nonetheless. There are some pretty good options in this category, so browse away.

OtterBox - Symmetry Series Clear Soft Shell

You can't go wrong with OtterBox - the case manufacturer has earned a name through the years. The Symmetry series is one of the best-selling OtterBox cases and for a good reason - it's not only crystal clear but it also carries the Drop+ moniker - showing that this case can withstand 3X as many drops as military standard (MIL-STD-810G 516.6).

There's also a silver-based antimicrobial technology onboard, and the case is made with 50% recycled plastic, so it's environmentally friendly. This Galaxy S22 Ultra case is lightweight and fits like a glove. Show your Galaxy S22 Ultra colors with style and without compromising protection.

OtterBox - Symmetry Series

Clear Soft Shell for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Clear

ZAGG - Gear4 Crystal Palace Galaxy S22 Ultra Case 

You probably know ZAGG from the company's great screen protector models. Well, there are cases too, and in this case (pun intended) ZAGG has baked-in D3O Impact Protection technology to keep your Galaxy S22 Ultra safe. 

"D3O is the world’s most advanced impact protection, trusted by military, sports, motorcycle, and industrial professionals," writes ZAGG about the tech, and it must be working because the case is rated to withstand drops from up to 13 feet (Mil Std 810G 516).

There's antimicrobial coating too, to protect your case by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria, and the special compound in the D3O case won't let it yellow over time - it will stay crystal-clear.

ZAGG - Gear4 Crystal Palace Case

with D3O Impact Protection for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Clear

Insignia - Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Hard Shell Case

There are some budget friendly options, too - like the Insignia Galaxy S22 Ultra Hard Shell Case. It's almost half the price of the clear cases listed above, while still offering the same protection and transparency.

Granted, the drop protection is rated at only up to 6 feet, but we assume you won't be throwing your new Galaxy S22 Ultra in the air all that much. There's a special UV coating on this one to make sure the case don't turn yellow after prolonged use, and finally - it's a hard-soft material combo design. The back is made from hard polycarbonate, while the sides are impact-absorbing TPU.

Insignia - Hard Shell Case for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Clear

Ghostek Covert 6 Galaxy S22 Ultra Slim Clear Case

Sometimes you don't need to compromise between thin, transparent, lightweight and rugged - there are cases that can do it all. The Ghostek Covert 6 Galaxy S22 Ultra case is one example. It offers military grade protection, while at the same time keeps a slim profile, and lightweight design.

This case has reinforced corners and raised bezels for maximum protection against accidental falls, and to top it all up, there's also an antimicrobial coating to keep you safe from those nasty germs. The non-slip coating will help you get a firm grip on your Galaxy S22 Ultra device, which - let's be honest - is not a small one.

Ghostek COVERT S22 Ultra Case Clear

Lifted Bumper Edges Elegant Transparent Back Supports Wireless Charging

Spigen Liquid Crystal Designed for Galaxy S22 Ultra Case

If you want your case ultra-thin, then this model is right for you - the Spigen Liquid Crystal case is as thin and as lightweight as they come. You literally won't notice it's there, while at the same time your Galaxy S22 Ultra will be protected from accidental falls thanks to the patented AirCushion technology.

Furthermore, the case features reinforced buttons for great haptic feel, and the soft TPU material is non-slippery for a better grip. Plus, it fits the Galaxy S22 Ultra like a glove! Not to mention the price - it's extremely affordable. Spigen also enjoys a great fanbase and the reviews are always glowing - you can't go wrong with any Spigen case!

Spigen Liquid Crystal

Designed for Galaxy S22 Ultra Case (2022) - Crystal Clear

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S Galaxy S22 Ultra clear case

The Ultra Hybrid is a hybrid case for your Ultra! Funny, right! Joking aside, this case brings the best of both worlds - it's a slim and transparent case, and at the same time it features a dual layer design - the bumper frame is made of soft TPU, and the back is hard polycarbonate. 

As an added bonus you get a metal kickstand integrated in the design, raised lips around the display and the camera bump, and the AirCushion tech that protects the corners of your Galaxy S22 Ultra. The price of this case is so good at the moment (it's half price at Amazon) that you can buy a couple for the same money you would spend on a Samsung clear case with a kickstand. It's all down to personal preference in the end.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S Designed for Galaxy S22 Ultra Case (2022) - Crystal Clear

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra rugged cases

The Galaxy S22 Ultra starts at $1,199 and if you've decided to pay that much money, you'd better protect your new investment. Your best bet is to buy a rugged case with an adequate drop protection rating. Fortunately, there are quite a few options in this category.

OtterBox - Defender Series Pro Galaxy S22 Ultra case

The aptly named Defender series will defend your Galaxy S22 Ultra from almost every possible danger. OtterBox updated the design with an antimicrobial silver-based coating while also bumping up the protection rating. This Defender Series Pro Galaxy S22 Ultra case can withstand 4x as many drops as military standard (MIL-STD-810G 516.6).

There are port covers to keep dust and dirt away from your Galaxy S22 Ultra connection points, and also a belt holster included in the package (it doubles as a kickstand for you YouTube fanatics out there). This case is also wireless charger compatible, and it might be one of the best Galaxy S22 Ultra rugged cases out there. The price is a bit steep but it's totally worth it.

OtterBox - Defender Series Pro

Hard Shell for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Black

UAG - Monarch Galaxy S22 Ultra Case

The Monarch is another well-known model from UAG when we talk about smartphone protection. It features a thoughtfully engineered 5-layer construction that allows the case to be rated 2X MIL-STD (810g-516.6) while keeping a slim and lightweight profile.

This handcrafted case is one of the most expensive on this list, and that's mainly because of the premium materials used - there's Kevlar baked in the construction - you know, the stuff that stops bullets. Finally, the case works with wireless chargers and NFC payment systems with no problems.

UAG - Monarch

Case for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Black

Spigen Tough Armor Galaxy S22 Ultra Case

Spigen is another well-known brand on the smartphone cases scene. The Tough Armor model offers the company's patented Air Cushion Technology for anti-shock protection, coupled with the familiar dual-layer design. The outer shell is made from a hard material, while there's a soft impact-absorbing TPU on the inside. There's also a new foam technology that Spigen uses in its later models that further dampen shocks and protects the phone.

The Tough Armor Galaxy S22 Ultra Case is MIL-STD 810G-516.6 certified - meaning each case must be dropped onto concrete 26 times from a height of 48 inches onto every corner and edge. There's an integrated kickstand, and all the ports are easily accessible. The case is wireless charger compatible, and the price will put a smile on your face.

Spigen Tough Armor Case

[Extreme Protection Tech] Designed for Galaxy S22 Ultra

Ringke Fusion X Tough Galaxy S22 Ultra Case

The Ringke Fusion X Tough case offers a mix between slim, clear design, and military-grade protection (MIL-STD 810G - 516.6). This Galaxy S22 Ultra case uses hybrid design with hard and soft parts (a resilient TPU bumper with a tough Polycarbonate back) to protect your phone in any scenario. 

The case is slim and lightweight, with cutouts around ports, grills and features to offer maximum comfort. There's also a non-slip coating to minimize fatal drops, and last but not least - the price of this case is extremely affordable for what it has to offer.

Ringke Fusion-X

Semi-transparent camo patterned back Durable PC back Raised bezels Supports wireless charging

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra leather cases

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is one of the most stylish and premium devices you could own, and it deserves a case of the same magnitude. There's not much competition when it comes to materials - leather is one of the all-time classics - it offers style, protection, and that velvety feeling no other material possesses. Let's check out the options.

TORRO Genuine Leather Galaxy S22 Ultra Wallet case

While we wait for Moment to launch some premium Galaxy S22 Ultra cases, there are a few leather options already available. TORRO offers a cool wallet-type case handcrafted from premium cowhide leather. It's a UK-based brand that uses top-grain leather, sourced from the finest tanneries in the US. The leather itself is minimally treated to preserve its natural feel and look.

It doesn't get any more premium than this, and the TORRO leather case also comes with adequate protection - there's a hard shell inside to hug your Galaxy S22 Ultra and shelter it against drops, bumps, etc. The case is also wireless charger compatible and features 3 credit card slots as well as a larger compartment for notes and cash.

TORRO Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Case

Quality, Genuine Leather Cover with Card Slots and Horizontal Viewing Stand (Tan)

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra stylish cases

kate spade new york Galaxy S22 Ultra hard shell

Adding sparkly flowers to your Galaxy S22 Ultra is also an option. This case features "a signature Hollyhock print and fuses high fashion with everyday convenience." There's nothing wrong with that, and there's also some added protection to the mix. This Galaxy S22 Ultra case is rated to withstand drops from up to 10 feet.

The premium signature Kate Spade New York graphic logo and unique design will surely make you stand out in the normal smartphone crowd, and on top of that protect your new Galaxy S22 Ultra in style. The case is also wireless charger compatible, and the price is pretty nice too.

kate spade new york

Protective hardshell case for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Hollyhock

LoveCases Gel Blue Butterfly Case for Galaxy S22 Ultra

On the opposite side of the spectrum we find blue butterflies. No ridges and fins here. This case is clearly geared toward a more stylish presentation.

The LoveCases Gel Blue Butterfly Case is very slim and compact, and it’s made of non-slip polycarbonate. The case is transparent, except for the butterflies, which can result in a pretty unique combination with the Galaxy S22 Ultra colors.

Get your LoveCases Gel Blue Butterfly Case for Galaxy S22 Ultra here


These are the best Galaxy S22 Ultra cases and there are options for every taste and scenario. You should also check out our Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protectors article to round up the protection of your new phone.

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