Best Buy brings Moto G6 price down to $100 in killer new deal (with a few requirements)

Best Buy brings Moto G6 price down to $100 in killer new deal (with a few requirements)
When it comes to ultra-affordable mid-range phones with respectable specifications and surprisingly premium build quality, you can’t do much better than the Moto X4 and Moto G6.

While the latter, 2018-released model is technically slower than 2017’s X4, its larger, trendier 2:1 screen and generally lower price point might make the Moto G6 the overall superior deal. Especially at $99.99.

If you thought $179 was a small price to pay for an unlocked G6 or that Google Fi’s newest $149 Moto X4 listing with free $50 service credit included would be impossible to beat, Best Buy is today outdoing itself by charging a single Benjamin for an objectively great handset.

This is not a refurbished or even limited-time offer (at least as far as we can tell), but there are obviously a couple of key requirements you need to meet. First and foremost, you have to activate the Moto G6 right away to get it at a new all-time low price of $100.

The massive discount is only valid with Sprint service, although Verizon subscribers also get a fairly decent markdown from $249.99 to $149.99. Last but not least, you need to be an existing Sprint customer looking for an upgrade. Otherwise, you’ll have to cough up the full 250 bucks upfront.

All that means the deal is not quite as good as it seems at a first glance, although you have to consider Motorola still charges $199.99 and up for a Moto G6 through its official US e-store. This is a decidedly good-looking 5.7-incher made almost entirely from glass with a Full HD+ display in tow, reasonably thin bezels, respectable Snapdragon 450 processing power, dual 12 + 5MP rear-facing cameras, fast-charging battery, and a stable Android 9.0 Pie update on the way.

While we’re naturally talking about the entry-level 3GB RAM/32GB ROM variant here, the 4/64 gig configuration is also on sale at Best Buy for upgrading Sprint subscribers, fetching a remarkably affordable $129.99 of its own. Now that's a tough choice!

Check out the deal here


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