Apple’s ‘aggressive’ AI future to start with iPhone 15 and a boosted Health app

Apple’s ‘aggressive’ AI future to start with iPhone 15 and a boosted Health app
The upcoming iPhone 15 could be more AI-oriented and pave the way for Apple’s plans to boost the usage of artificial intelligence in the near future. Owners could see a very different and more potent version of the Health app in iOS 17, which could make suggestions about when and what to eat.

According to industry insider Dan Ives, Apple is going to emphasize the role of artificial intelligence in the iPhone 15 (via Tom’s Guide). The Alphabet company not only did release Bard, but also implemented AI usage in its Tensor chip that’s found in the latest Pixel devices.

What does my Health (app) have to do with AI?

Truth to be told, AI in the form of machine learning is already to be found in iOS, particularly in Siri. There’s also a new keyboard with improved auto-correct based on machine learning (thanks to A-series chip capabilities). According to Ives, ‘it’s only a matter of time before Apple aggressively moves into artificial intelligence,’ and the iPhone 15 could make the first bold steps in that direction.

The insider hints at AI integration in the iOS Health app that will be a game-changer. After enough time and number of interactions between the user and the machine, AI could give personalized recommendations about a person’s everyday life – like how and when to workout or even suggest a diet. These machine-made plans would be based on collected information such as heart rate, sleep and breathing data.

AI will get to know you and your moods

Of course, there’s more to be expected. Ives suggests that the Cupertino creation could get to know you in depth. Like, to understand when you’re happy, angry or sad (or all three together, if you’re on an emotional rollercoaster these days). This could be possible in iPhone 15 with tracking a user’s speech and/or text messages. I guess, as always, there would be two types of users: one half will get absolutely paranoid, the other half will be happy to finally have someone (something, really) that understands them without judging.

A feature out of the sci-fi future

Those who have an iOS 17 device could also get the chance to give their voice to Apple. It’s expected a feature called Personal Voice to be present in iOS 17 that allows you to digitize your voice and use it whenever you feel like. You just have to talk to the device for 15 minutes – that much is needed for the machine to be trained to sound like you. Remains to be seen if you could adopt other people’s voice for your own usage.

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