Apple likely won't launch another iPhone SE for at least two years

Apple likely won't launch another iPhone SE for at least two years
The iPhone SE 3 from 2022 received tons of criticism from Apple fans and professional reviewers alike, but it remained special for those who are fans of this budget Apple phone series. Rumors about an iPhone SE 4 have been a complete rollercoaster until now, but a recent report from one of the most trusted Apple analysts, Ming-Chi Kuo, makes it sound like we won't see one for a while.

Kuo shared in a tweet that his previous speculation about a new iPhone SE being launched in 2025 or 2026 has been pushed away, and he now believes that Apple has no plans to launch such a device in the next two years.

So does this mean Apple has given up on its budget series? It is hard to say, especially with rumors hinting that the company is planning to go with even higher-priced phones in the future, like the iPhone 15 Ultra. That said, mid-range phones are more popular than ever right now, so there is money to be had there, although it feels like Apple does not want to be associated with anything than pricier, more premium models.

We cannot know for sure, though, as the iPhone SE has a history of a very chaotic release schedule. The first generation was released back in 2016, but there is a 4-year gap before the second generation arrived in 2020. Of course, then we got the 2022 model that launched last year.

Rumors regarding what the next iPhone SE could look like have mostly been circling around an iPhone X design, paired with a more powerful and recently released processor. Needless to say, if Apple does decide to release a new generation in the future, it would be absolutely hilarious if it looked like it came out of a time machine.

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