Apple Watch Series 7 pre-order delivery dates are pushed back to as far as December

Apple Watch Series 7 pre-order delivery dates are pushed back to as far as December
Some of those who have pre-ordered the Apple Watch Series 7 have discovered that all of that talk about production issues leading to limited supplies of the timepiece was true. No, it was not just a way for Apple to get fence-sitting buyers to pull the trigger on a new smartwatch.

Friday's kickoff of pre-orders for the latest iteration of the Apple Watch quickly pushed out shipping dates beyond the October 15th release date. Pre-orders for the stainless steel models of the watch quickly got pushed back to November. Bloomberg reports that some of the higher-priced versions of the device are "currently unavailable" while others have a delivery date pushed back to December.

Some Apple Watch Series 7 pre-orders won't ship until December

Among the expensive Apple Watch Series 7 models that Apple is listing as "currently unavailable" are a pair of $899 models; one is silver titanium with a leather band, and the other is a black titanium unit with a silicone band. Meanwhile, the pricey Apple Watch models that are part of Hermes' partnership with Apple are showing delivery dates in November and December.

Besides the Apple Watch Series 7, both the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are showing delivery times extended into November. Apple's deal that gives users as much as $270 with the trade-in of a Series 6 Apple Watch is sure to be stoking the fires of demand for the new timepiece.

How the new iPhone 13 Series and the Apple Watch fare at the register will play a big part in determining how well Apple does during the holiday quarter which is its fiscal first quarter of 2022. Analysts expect the company to generate revenue of nearly $120 billion during the three months from October to the end of the year. That would result in a 7% year-over-year gain for Apple.

Without a major new health feature for the Apple Watch Series 7, the larger 45mm and 41mm displays (1mm taller than last year), 33% faster charging time, and a new on-screen QWERTY keyboard are the main reasons to purchase the watch. If you want to try and procure an Apple Watch Series 7 earlier than November and December, you can visit your local Apple Store on October 15th (this coming Friday) and make the purchase right then and there.

Of course, the downside of purchasing your Apple Watch at the brick and mortar Apple Store is that inventories are limited and that exact configuration you want might not be stocked by the store. If you've already pre-ordered your new Series 7 Apple Watch, you might have received a notice that their new timepiece is preparing to ship reports 9to5Mac. Now that doesn't mean that you should expect the device to arrive before Friday.

We could see a thermometer and possibly a blood pressure monitor on the Apple Watch Series 8

Even if you are a glass is half-filled type of guy, only a few pre-orders might arrive Wednesday or Thursday while the vast majority will have to wait until Friday the 15th to strap on their new Apple Watch Series 7. But what if you aren't sure whether to go after the Apple Watch Series 7 or hold off until next year's model.

There are three possible new health-related features that could be available for the Series 8 timepiece. Most likely we won't see all of them added to next year's Apple Watch. A thermometer that will measure the user's body temperature seems like the most possible addition for 2022 with a blood pressure monitor also on top of the rumored additions for next year.

Perhaps not quite ready for the Series 8 model, a non-invasive blood glucose sensor is considered the Holy Grail for smartwatches. That's because it would be used by the millions of insulin-dependent diabetics worldwide to replace the current painful and expensive tests that they subject themselves to at least three times a day. The results of the test determine how much insulin a diabetic needs to inject before a meal.
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