Apple TV+ app might be on its way to Android phones

Apple TV+ app might be on its way to Android phones
Apple has been on a mission to spread its TV+ streaming service far and wide, making it available on smart TVs, Roku, Amazon streaming devices, and gaming consoles. Now, there is buzz that it is finally making its way to Android phones, too.

Apple TV+ might be finally coming to Android phones

Renowned tech journalist Mark Gurman over at Bloomberg spotted something intriguing: a job listing popped up recently, hinting that Apple is looking for a senior engineer to help create a TV and sports app for Android. This move suggests that the company might finally bring its TV+ service to the rival smartphone platform.

In the job description, Apple says it is looking for someone to lead the development of “fun new features” and “help build an application used by millions to watch and discover TV and sports.”

This move suggests that Apple wants to grab a bigger slice of the video streaming pie and is ready to cozy up to Android to rope in more users. It is not common for Apple to make apps for Android, given the latter rivals its iOS platform.

The job listing strongly hints at Apple's intention to follow a path similar to what it did with Apple Music, a move rarely seen for its other apps: developing an Android version. Typically, Apple keeps its apps exclusive to its ecosystem, enticing users to buy its devices. However, as it did with Apple Music, it seems keen on broadening the reach of the Apple TV+ app.

Ever since it debuted in 2019, Apple's TV+ has been going head-to-head with streaming giants like Netflix and Disney+. The company poured loads of cash into creating original content for the platform, but it is still a mystery how many people are really getting on board. Apple is keeping tight-lipped about subscriber counts and revenue figures for the service.

Android could open up a whole new audience for Apple TV+. While Apple might rule the roost when it comes to flagship smartphones, Android has a much broader global reach. With over 3 billion devices running on Android worldwide, it is a massive pool of potential viewers. Apple, in contrast, boasts around 2 billion active devices, mostly iPhones.

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Apple TV+ has doubled its price since its initial launch, now standing at $9.99 per month. With the potential to reach billions of Android devices worldwide, this move could make a substantial impact on the platform.

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