Apple made translucent AirPods but you can’t have them

Apple made translucent AirPods but you can’t have them
Are you bored by all the opaque gadgets around you? Yeah, I know - solid colors hiding all the cool stuff like coils, PCB boards, magnets and miracles (here’s your Pink Floyd reference). It turns out that Apple of all companies made some translucent prototypes back in the day, and some of them ended up in one particular collector’s hands.

Giulio Zompeti posted some of his rare finds on Twitter, showing an alternative look to the well-known and very popular audio gadget. Giulio comes from Italy and he collects rare Apple devices but it’s not clear if these are legit.

The collector claims that the translucent AirPods are a prototype made by Apple but one may easily dissolve the paint from the plastic covers and turn almost any device into a translucent one (we’ve seen JerryRigEverything do this).

To be fair to Giulio, there’s a strange model number written on one of the stems that looks like a prototype thing. Apple also did a translucent (sort of) iMac back in the day but these “clear” times are certainly over now. There’s also a clear 29W charger, and it looks even cooler. So, translucent gadgets? Yay or nay?

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