Apple may release a cheaper iPhone SE 3 (2022)

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Apple may release a cheaper iPhone SE 3 (2022) model
Last we heard, Apple was still on track for an iPhone SE 3 release in 2022, with an announcement scheduled for the Q1 period, a bit earlier than the timeframe it outed the iPhone SE 2 last year in. In 2020, Apple announced the iPhone SE 2 in April 15, and then released it on April 24, so a March 2022 iPhone SE 3 unveiling and launch is entirely plausible.

The iPhone SE 3 2022 specs are expected to include the same 4.7" display diagonal but a vastly superior processing power and connectivity options compared to the iPhone SE 2 of 2020. The chipset of choice was last rumored to be the fast 5nm A14 Bionic that Apple uses in the iPhone 12 series, which should prevent the iPhone SE 3 2022 from feeling underpowered at least until the next presidential election rolls in. 

Moreover, there is speculation that Apple may tack on the iPhone 12's Qualcomm X55 modem as well, bringing modern 5G connectivity to the humble and affordable SE line for the first time.

Expected Apple iPhone SE 3 (2022) price and processor specs

Speaking of affordable, a source with a good track record on Apple and Samsung scoops, dubbed Lanzuk, mentions that his supply chain sources have indicated an iPhone SE 3 2022 price below Apple's usual $399 starting tag. 

That's hard to fathom, considering that those same insiders claim the iPhone SE 3 will be powered not by the Apple A14, but the newest Apple A15 chipset that is currently in the latest iPhone 13 series. Of course, this would probably mean that the iPhone SE 3 may use Qualcomm's newer X60 5G modem, again a hard rumor to believe given the possibility for a reduced pricing, but it's not the first time we are hearing that the SE 3 may carry an A15 inside, either.

Alternatively, Apple may offer two versions of the iPhone SE 3, one with 4G LTE connectivity and one with a 5G modem. That would go against the grain of the two potential chipsets Apple may be using to power the SE 3, the Apple A14/A15 SoCs which both come with their own 5G modems tacked on for a good measure. Still, we've already had one rumor saying that an SE 3 Plus with 5G is in the cards for next year, so Apple's exact variety of affordable iPhones for 2022 remains in flux.

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On the other hand, the rest of the components that Apple would use in an iPhone SE 3, like the display and housing, even if the SE 3 exterior gets an update as rumored, must have fallen in price so much by now that it would be easier for Apple to keep its profit margins on the handset even if it lowers the basic price of its cheapest iPhone line a bit.

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