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You can get a cool $200 iPhone XR discount with AT&T at Fry's Electronics right now

You can get a cool $200 iPhone XR discount with AT&T at Fry's Electronics right now
There are quite a few reasons why Apple earned significantly less money than initially anticipated between October and December 2018, but first and foremost, it seems iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max sales were indeed underwhelming.

While the company was certainly more aggressive than usual in promoting early deals and discounts for its newest handsets, it probably didn’t help that you had to go through so many hoops to score a nice discount on an iPhone XR that some considered overpriced right off the bat.

Thankfully, you can forget trade-ins and convoluted BOGO arrangements today only... as long as you don’t have a problem visiting a physical Fry’s Electronics store and committing to a long-term AT&T contract device payment plan.

Fry’s is ready to shave a cool $200 off the iPhone XR’s regular price in a 128GB variant, letting you pay $24.95 a month for two years or $19.96 a month for two and a half years.  

That amounts to a grand total of around $600, which is definitely a reasonable price to pay for an extremely well-reviewed device with Face ID technology, impressive A12 Bionic processing power, stellar battery life, and exceptional camera performance.

With 128 gigs of internal storage space, the iPhone XR normally starts at $26.67 a month on installment plans, or $800 all in all. Unfortunately, there are only 34 Fry’s Electronics locations nationwide, but if you know of a store near you and want to activate the XR on AT&T anyway, making the trip today certainly feels like a good idea.


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