Apple's iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus get a massive new round of discounts for Sprint and AT&T

Apple's iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus get a massive new round of discounts for Sprint and AT&T
Mesmerized by the younger age, snazzier design, and superior specifications of the iPhone XR on sale at Best Buy for a limited time with select carrier activations, we were just about to miss out on the latest batch of killer iPhone 8 and 8 Plus deals from the same retailer.

These are scheduled to expire later today, May 27, allowing new AT&T subscribers or those willing to add a new line to an existing account to get the smaller iPhone 8 model in exchange for less than 150 bucks all in all. You're looking at 30 monthly installments of $4.99 with an AT&T Next agreement or 24 payments of $6.24 each on a Next Every Year contract, both arrangements amounting to a grand total of only $149.70, down from a list price of $599.99. 

Keep in mind that Best Buy will help you save $450.30 overall after a $150 instant discount and monthly bill credits of $10 or $12.50, which is obviously not the same as an outright price cut. But it's still a pretty great bargain, and the same goes for the 64GB iPhone 8 configuration available at a $408 discount for new Sprint accounts or lines with a 24-month installment plan. Instead of paying $25 a month, you're looking at coughing up just 8 bucks, bringing your total bill down from $600 to $192 after a $17 monthly credit.

Meanwhile, iPhone 8 Plus buyers are eligible for a similarly massive discount only if they go with Sprint, having to pay $12.17 instead of $29.17 a month for two years, or $292, down from $700. AT&T customers can shave a modest $150 off the 5.5-incher's list price with installment plans, with Verizon subscribers looking at an even humbler $100 markdown as far as both the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are concerned.

Don't forget these bad boys still come with Touch ID fingerprint sensors in tow, as well as IPS LCD screens, respectable Apple A11 Bionic processors, stellar battery life, and decent cameras (just one on the iPhone 8's back, two rear shooters for the 8 Plus). Those are certainly not bad features if you can get the iPhone 8 at $150 or $192 and the 8 Plus at $292.

Check out the deals here

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