The iPhone 15 preorders are live with free iPhone 15 Pro at carriers!

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The iPhone 15 preorders are live with free iPhone 15 Pro at carriers!
Apple opened the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro preorders at 8AM Eastern, and T-Mobile, Verizon, or AT&T are back to deep phone discounts. With a premium plan, of course. Apple also has good iPhone 15 preorder deals that will see it cut up to $800 with a trade at its own store, while Best Buy and others are targeting their audience, too. Deliveries are slowly seeping into October now, especially for the 15 Pro Max, so hurry up!

Where to preorder the iPhone 15 Pro Max at the best price

  • $1000 off at T-Mobile or AT&T with a trade
  • Free iPhone 15 Pro at Verizon
  • $1000 off at Best Buy with a carrier trade
  • $250 off at Target with port-in of new line

The AT&T iPhone 15 Pro Max is $1000 off!

Don't miss out on the chance to get Apple's newest and most capable smartphone yet for just $5.56 at AT&T. To get the iPhone 15 Pro Max at that price, you need an eligible phone trade-in and a qualifying unlimited plan. This is the 256GB configuration of the device.
$5 56 /mo
$33 34
Buy at AT&T

Get the iPhone 15 Pro for free at Verizon!

Verizon also knocks $1000 off the new iPhone Pro line with an eligible unlimited plan, essentially giving you the 15 Pro free, or the 15 Pro Max for just $200!
$999 99
Buy at Verizon

Get the iPhone 15 for free at AT&T!

If you're looking for a cheaper price, nothing beats free, as the new iPhone 15 can be bought at the carrier for just $0.00/mo with an eligible unlimited plan and a trade of any clunker.
$0 /mo
$27 78
Buy at AT&T

How to preorder the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 15

  • iPhone 15 preorder start: 5AM PT / 8AM ET

The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, as well as the iPhone 15 Pro can be preordered on Friday, September 15, as usual, at 8AM Eastern Time. There were some rumors that the iPhone 15 Pro Max may be released a few weeks after the others over periscope camera component yield in the supply chain, but that isn't the case, you can preorder the iPhone 15 Pro Max right now.

Those who wish to preorder the iPhone 15, as well as the Plus and the smaller Pro, will be able to do so on September 15 at 5AM Pacific, and get them shipped a week or so after for delivery on Friday, September 22. 

That's when Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile will launch the iPhone 15 in stores and online as well, complete with all deals carried over from the preorder period, so you might want to be ready with any new lines and trade-in upgrades or carrier switch plans to take advantage.

Where can I find the cheapest iPhone 15?

You can get a free iPhone 15 Pro at T-Mobile (or up to $1000 off any iPhone 15 model) when trading in an eligible device on Go5G Plus or Go5G Next. In addition, you can get up to $650 off any iPhone 15 model on Magenta MAX, $350 off on Go5G and Magenta and $200 off on almost all other T-Mobile plans when trading in an eligible device.

T-Mobile doesn't offer an iPhone 15 BOGO deal, but it's pretty close, since you can get any iPhone 15 series and get $700 off the second one when adding a line on almost all T-Mobile plans.

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