Apple probably changed the iPhone 14 Max name to iPhone 14 Plus at the last minute

Apple probably changed the iPhone 14 Max name to iPhone 14 Plus at the last minute
Have you ever wondered how inaccurate Apple-related leaks are born and spread like wildfire in anticipation of an official iPhone, iPad, or Watch announcement? 

While some rumors (especially those reported months or even years ahead of time) simply have no foundation in reality, emerging from the imagination of shady "tipsters" and self-proclaimed leakers with no track record to speak of, others seem to inexplicably fall through after gaining unofficial "confirmation" from multiple reliable sources.

The latter scenario definitely applies to the so-called iPhone 14 Max, which was widely referenced by that name for months until just a few days before the iPhone 14 Plus eventually saw daylight. Hilariously (at least in retrospect), the very first "Plus" whispers were labelled as questionable.

But as it turns out, all those insiders who expected Apple's non-Pro 6.7-inch handset to carry the Max moniker may not have been completely wrong. That's because the Cupertino-based tech giant almost certainly revised its branding plans in the eleventh hour.

That's at least what two different iPhone 14 Max mentions discovered on two different webpages appear to strongly suggest. Yes, Apple is carelessly listing the iPhone 14 Plus by its presumably "original" name on a Euro-centric conformity portal and as the title of a support image showcasing the device in all its color options.

While relatively minor, these slip-ups have yet to be corrected at the time of this writing, proving (or at least suggesting) that the vast majority of leakers were right all along about the naming scheme of the entire iPhone 14 family.

What we obviously don't know and we're unlikely to ever find out is if Apple decided to make this undoubtedly last-minute change precisely to compromise leaks and leakers or if something else (no idea what) led to the revision.

Either way, the handset formerly known as iPhone 14 Max doesn't seem to be selling very well, so if this was exclusively a marketing move, it surely hasn't paid off... yet.

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