The iPhone 12 display replacement and repair price is out, higher than iPhone 11's

The iPhone 12/Pro display replacement and repair price is out, higher than iPhone 11's
Apple went all out with the iPhone 12 display upgrades. The best thing about the 6.1" screen of the iPhone 12, besides the bump in resolution to 1080p, and the move to OLED instead of the aging LCD screen technology on the iPhone 11, is that it is protected by Apple's new Ceramic Shield.

The so-called "Shield" is just a fancy naming for a substrate that is more resistant to drops and scratches than what we have on, say, the iPhone 11. Apple says it is up to 4x more drop-resistant, but that has to be put to the test in short order after the first batch gets shipped this week. 

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What if things don't pan out as planned when you drop your fancy new Ceramic Shield-protected iPhone 12 or 12 Pro that has the same panel?

How much does Apple charge to replace the iPhone 12/Pro vs 11/Pro display?

Well, Apple has a handy price list for just such occasions, if you have been foolish enough not to enroll in its Care program for ten to fifteen bucks a month. Needless to say, the new 1080p OLED iPhone 12 display is more expensive to replace than the $199 swap of the lowly HD LCD screen of the iPhone 11.

Surprisingly, that doesn't go for the iPhone 12 Pro display, as the screen repair price is kept the same, even though the panel grew in diagonal from 5.8" to 6.1". Both the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro panels cost $279 to change when you take them to Apple's repair services.

Besides the display replacement cost compared to the iPhone 11, Apple has also raised the price of the body swap. Thus, if you crack the back panel of the iPhone 12, expect to pay $449 to replace it, as opposed to the $399 it charges for the iPhone 11. 

What, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 screen replacement price is double what Apple charges for the iPhone 12, you say? That's right, but it has a fancy foldable display that Apple may or may not employ years later, and, moreover, Samsung is generous by giving you one swap for the low $149 price if you buy the Z Fold 2 by year's end.

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