Apple's latest emoji shows you can wear a mask and be happy

Apple's latest emoji shows you can wear a mask and be happy
Masks are backed by health authorities across the world and have become part of day-to-day life due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are, nevertheless, still a controversial topic with certain people arguing that they infringe on their basic human rights.

Wear a mask AND be happy!

Apple tends to avoid political situations as much as possible, but in this particular instance it has chosen to quietly step into the debate room with an interesting solution of its own – an emoji!

Spotted by the people at Emojipedia, the recent release of iOS 14.2 beta 2 brings an updated version of the increasingly popular Face with Medical Mask emoji to supported iPhone models.

Rather than the usual version with sad eyes that make it look like a sick person, the revised emoji now boasts raised eyebrows, happier eyes, and rosy cheeks that suggest the person is smiling behind the face mask.

To achieve the happier look, as noted by Emojipedia, Apple seems to have placed a mask on the existing Smiling Face emoji that everybody is familiar with. This is the first major change since the Face with Medical Mask emoji was introduced in 2008.

The updated emoji could still undergo some changes before it’s released alongside the final version of iOS 14.2, which will presumably be pre-installed on the iPhone 12 series, but the message should remain the same – a mask doesn’t have to take away your happiness.

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