Apple considered a cloud gaming service to rival Google Stadia

Apple considered a cloud gaming service to rival Google Stadia
The cloud gaming revolution just isn’t happening the way we expect it to, and several years after the launch of cloud-based gaming services such as Nvidia GeForce Now and Google Stadia, we’re still nowhere near a complete transition to cloud gaming.

Cloud gaming is a neat concept - you only need an internet connection, a controller, and a screen in order to play high-quality triple AAA game titles. No powerful gaming hardware is needed.

And when you look at the big names involved, one seems to be missing. Apple has its own gaming subscription service called Apple Arcade but you need to download the games in order to play them, and this App Store mechanics defeats the purpose of a cloud-based service.

Now, a new report by the famous leaker Mark Gurman, suggests that Apple at one point considered launching its own cloud-based gaming service to complement Apple Arcade.

Gurman answered the question of whether Apple was working on such a service in Sunday's "Power On" newsletter for Bloomberg saying that the company evaluated the idea but decided not to go through with it.

In the same newsletter, Gurman writes “The company in the past has internally discussed the prospects of launching such a service, I'm told," suggesting that Apple might have future plans to introduce such service at some point.

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