Soundcore's Space Q45 ANC headphones are available for less than $100 on Amazon

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Soundcore's Space Q45 ANC headphones are available for less than $100 on Amazon
There are times when you just need to flip a switch and mute the whole world. Top-tier wireless headphones like the Sony WH-1000XM5 can do that. They usually come with great ANC, which silences pesky noises the moment you turn it on. The problem is that such headphones come with pretty hefty price tags, and not everyone is ready to break the bank on new headphones.

While the cans in this deal aren't quite on the level of top dogs like Sony's flagship headphones, they offer great ANC at a pretty affordable price. We are speaking about the budget-friendly Soundcore Space Q45, which are available for $50 off their usual cost on Amazon.

Soundcore by Anker Space Q45: Now 33% OFF on Amazon!

The Soundcore Space Q45 are on sale on Amazon and available for less than $100. The headphones have capable ANC, sound awesome for their budget price, and deliver up to 65 hours of listening time. This is a limited time deal, though, so act fast and snag a pair now while you still can!

$50 doesn't seem like a huge price cut, we know. However, thanks to that discount, you can snag a pair of brand-new Soundcore Space Q45 for less than $100, resulting in sweet savings of 33%. Moreover, the headphones are currently at their lowest price on Amazon, making this deal even more enticing.

That being said, this isn't the first time we've seen them at this markdown. Amazon had them on sale at the same price cut in April. But we are pleased to see it return! Just like the last time, though, the offer will be available for a limited time. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to pull the trigger on it now before it's too late.

As we said, the biggest selling point of the Soundcore Space Q45 is their ANC, which does a tremendous job for the price. It blocks low- and mid-frequency sounds with ease. However, we should also note that it may struggle with silencing high-frequency noises, which is normal as they are harder to mute.

In addition to their capable ANC, the headphones offer good sound, which you can adjust to your taste via EQ in their companion Soundcore app. They also come with great battery life, offering up to 50 hours of listening time with ANC enabled and up to 65 hours with it disabled.

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The Soundcore Space Q45 offer great value for money, so don't waste time and snag a pair for less today

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