Android 15 Beta 3 has introduced this very annoying lockscreen bug for some Pixel users

Android 15 Beta 3 has introduced this very annoying lockscreen bug for some Pixel users
Android 15 logo | Image credit — Google

The Android 15 Beta 3 update has brought about an annoying bug for some users, affecting how notifications are managed on the lockscreen. It seems that every tap or swipe on the lockscreen, except for media controls, triggers a request for PIN authentication. This means that users are constantly interrupted by the need to unlock their device, even for simple actions like dismissing notifications or interacting with email alerts.

The bug appears to be intermittent, with some users experiencing it multiple times a day, while others haven't encountered it at all. Restarting the device seems to temporarily fix the issue, but it inevitably returns. Additionally, adjusting authentication settings, such as enabling or disabling Face Unlock, doesn't seem to resolve the problem.

It's worth noting that this bug is not impacting everyone using the Android 15 Beta 3 update, and it appears to be more prevalent on certain devices, like the Pixel 8. However, reports of this issue have been coming in from various users, indicating that it's not an isolated incident.

According to reports, the Google Pixel 8 appears to be the device most affected by this lockscreen bug | Image credit — PhoneArena

This lockscreen bug is a significant inconvenience for those affected, as it disrupts a core function of the lockscreen: providing quick and easy access to notification management. Many users rely on the lockscreen to glance at notifications, dismiss unimportant ones, and deal with urgent alerts without having to fully unlock their device and potentially get sidetracked by other apps or tasks. This functionality is particularly important in situations where quickly checking notifications might be necessary, but unlocking the phone might be inconvenient or even impossible, such as during meetings, while driving, or while wearing gloves.

While this bug is frustrating, it is helpful to remember that this is a beta version of Android 15, and such issues are not uncommon in early releases. Additionally, at this time, we don't know how widespread the issue may be or how many devices it is impacting. Hopefully, Google will address this bug in an update soon, providing a smoother and more user-friendly lockscreen experience for everyone.

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