Android 11 alerts you when you've made a common charging mistake

Android 11 alerts you when you've made a common charging mistake
A feature coming to Android 11 will help Android users know whether they have their handset properly aligned on a wireless charging pad. A Reddit poster (via 9to5Google) mentioned this in a post. On the bottom of the handset's screen, the words "Realign phone to charge wirelessly" will alert the user that he or she needs to reposition the device on the pad.

This feature may be restricted to the Pixel 4 line since 9to5Google was only able to get the warning to show up on a Pixel 4 XL running Android 11 Developer Preview 1; a Pixel 3 XL running the same OS did not show the warning. The Pixel 2 series does not offer wireless charging. This is a very useful feature for those who use a wireless charger to power up their phone. There is no guarantee that this warning will make it to the final version of Android 11 which isn't expected to drop until September.

How does this feature work? 9to5 Google has a theory that makes sense. When the battery is charging wirelessly at a rate that is slower than it should be, the assumption is that the handset is not aligned correctly on the wireless charging pad. That results in the warning showing up at the bottom of the screen. With a Qi-compatible phone and pad, the battery can still receive some power even if the handset is incorrectly positioned or has been somehow bumped off of the right spot.

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