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It's time for another amazing Amazon sale on Anker charging accessories (but not for long)

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It's time for another amazing Amazon sale on Anker charging accessories (but not for long)
After capturing the limelight for once for something other than an Amazon sale on its popular Android and iPhone accessories exactly one month ago, Anker is back making headlines today for doing what it does best.

The latest batch of 24-hour-only deals is technically billed as including exclusively "wireless charging solutions" sold at up to a 36 percent discount, but one traditional power brick seems to be thrown in for good measure as well, costing 27 percent less than usual with a grand total of five ports pumping out a combined 51.5 watts of energy to rapidly juice up essentially all of your gadgets at the same time.

Speaking of simultaneous charging, it's certainly nice to see multiple such Anker wireless accessories on sale today on Amazon, starting with a 2-in-1 PowerWave+ Pad that's actually available at a whopping 40 percent discount. We're talking a cool 20 bucks you can currently shave off the $50 list price of a versatile pad that comes with a neat Apple Watch holder in addition to up to 7.5W charging capabilities for select iPhones and 10W top speeds for many "modern" Samsung handsets.

Keep in mind that the PowerWave+ Pad doesn't include an Apple Watch charger, and the same goes for the slightly cheaper 3-in-1 Anker PowerWave Stand, which can be purchased at a decent 25 percent markdown right now for use alongside a phone, a smartwatch, and a pair of true wireless earbuds (once you add a separately sold cable and wall adapter).

The PowerWave 10 Dual Pad is itself reduced by around 25 percent from an identical $39.99 regular price with a DC adapter included and the (dual) ability to deliver up to 7.5 and 10W charging speeds to select iPhones and Samsung devices respectively.

If you want to spend less than 30 bucks or so and don't mind wirelessly charging a single device at a time, the Anker PowerWave II Pad, PowerWave Alloy Pad, and the PowerCore 10K Wireless can also do the trick and they will almost definitely not let you down, judging from their glowing Amazon customer reviews.

The PowerWave II Pad and PowerWave Alloy Pad are largely similar, sharing 15W speeds and the same general functionality, while the PowerCore 10K Wireless is a 2-in-1 affair providing modest 5W wireless charging speeds, as well as 10,000mAh of portable USB-C energy. 
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