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These Amazon Fire HD 8 and Kindle Paperwhite deals are not to be missed

These Amazon Fire HD 8 and Kindle Paperwhite deals are not to be missed
As Black Friday gets closer and closer, you may want to grow increasingly wary of spending money on devices that tend to score hefty discounts during sales events of the sort. Amazon's Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers certainly fit that description, but if you're looking to maximize your savings on an older version, there's really no better time than today to do a little early holiday shopping at Woot.

The e-commerce giant's daughter company sells a 2017-released Fire HD 8 for a measly $39.99, while 2016's Kindle Paperwhite is available at $59.99 in both black and white colorways. The three killer deals are set to expire at 12 AM CT on October 7, so you don't have a lot of time to consider your options. Let us make things simple for you therefore by saying these are absolute bargains in "good" condition with 90-day seller warranties included and only "minor cosmetic blemishes."

Inspected and restored to "fully working condition" by Amazon technicians, the 8-inchers from a couple of years back are extremely similar to their 2018-released successors, which are typically available at $79.99 and up brand-new. The variants on sale today can also accommodate as much as 32 gigs of data internally rather than offering the 16GB storage space of the entry-level Fire HD 8 (2018) configuration.

The rest of the specs are... certainly not great, but they're not terrible either considering you only need to cough up 40 bucks. We're talking quad-core processing power, 1.5 gigs of memory, a battery life of up to 12 hours between charges, a microSD card slot, 1280 x 800 pixel resolution for the 8-inch display, a 2MP rear-facing shooter, and a modest VGA front-facing camera.

The 2016-released Kindle Paperwhite has naturally received a sequel of its own since then, but the 2018 waterproof version with 8GB storage normally starts at $130 brand-new. The model you can buy for just 60 bucks, meanwhile, comes with 4 gigs of room for "thousands" of e-books, a 6-inch Paperwhite display with E Ink Carta technology and a built-in light, up to six weeks (!!!) of battery life, and a 9.1 mm profile.

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