Three certified refurbished Echo devices are available for killer prices right now

Three certified refurbished Echo devices are available for killer prices right now
It’s getting increasingly difficult to keep track of Amazon’s ever-expanding Echo family of smart speakers... and more, but probably the coolest thing about these Alexa-controlled devices is how they all offer great bang for your buck.

Of course, some are cheaper than others, and with Black Friday right around the corner, it may not feel very wise to commit to any particular model at the moment. Then again, it’s going to be extremely hard to beat a new trio of certified refurbished Amazon deals.

First up, the OG standard Echo. Originally released (to the masses) way back in 2015, this bad boy that arguably inspired the likes of the Google Home and Apple HomePod was only refreshed (and redesigned) about a year ago.

No longer the king of the castle, the tall cylindrical device is still a sweet bargain at a heavily discounted price of $49.99. That’s down from $59.99 just last month, and this time around, there’s no expiration date attached to the refurb deal.

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Second, the “all-new” Echo. This is typically available for $99.99, but right now, a measly $59.99 will buy you the second-gen Alexa smart speaker in a number of swanky fabric finishes in the same refurbished condition as its predecessor.

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Third, last, but not least, the first-gen Echo Plus fetches $79.99 at the time of this writing with a built-in ZigBee smart home hub for easy control of compatible lights, locks, plugs, and in-wall switches. Its successor still costs a whopping $150 or so (one Philips Hue bulb included), while unused original Echo Plus units are listed as “currently unavailable.”

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By the way, if you’re nervous about the whole “certified refurbished” aspect of these latest Amazon deals, you’ll be happy to know the Echo, all-new Echo, and Echo Plus on special offer today all come with full 1-year warranties. They’re also rigorously tested to make sure they “look and work like new”, so it sounds like you really have nothing to worry about.
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