Amazon Appstore is back up on Android 12, after a month of bugs

Amazon Appstore is back up on Android 12, after a month of bugs
For over a month now, the Amazon Appstore has been malfunctioning something awful on Android phones. Back in October, users of the online software platform on smartphones running Android, discovered that as soon as they got the much-anticipated October update to the operating system—Android 12—the Amazon Appstore became a completely dysfunctional mess.

One of the running theories for the reoccurring issues, Engadget reports, was that Amazon's built-in DRM (a tool designed to protect software from theft or copyright infringement) was in some way incompatible with Android 12. The company itself has also refrained from commenting on what the problem was, and failed to even acknowledge that such an issue persisted until over a month after it started. 

But whatever the root of the problem may have been, it appears the bugs and crashes have finally been fixed for good. If you're an Amazon Appstore user who has been significantly affected, such as not having been able to access digital content you've purchased due to the issues, you may rest assured that all is finally well, and you may even expect to be contacted by Amazon directly to ensure a smooth future experience.

"We have released a fix for an issue impacting app launches for Amazon Appstore customers that have upgraded to Android 12 on their mobile devices," an Amazon spokesperson reported in an interview with Engadget this week. "We are contacting customers with steps to update their Appstore experience. We are sorry for any disruption this has caused.”

It isn't clear exactly how many Android devices using Amazon Appstore have been affected, but the Google Pixel 6 and Samsung Galaxy S21 are among those that ended up unable to run any of the games or other apps purchased from the platform. Besides losing access to their already owned software, many owners reported seeing no apps whatsoever inside the Appstore itself. All this is now permanently resolved.

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