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Allstate drop tests Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G and other Galaxy S21 models

Allstate drop tests Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G and other Galaxy S21 models
Should you feel secure enough in the build quality of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series not to worry when you feel one of the three models start to slip out of your grip? Allstate Protection Plans ran some drop tests and discovered a few interesting things. The results of the tests showed that the durability of the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G were unchanged in the front when compared to the predecessor models. When dropped on their backs, the phones had greatly improved durability.

Allstate releases the data it collected from its Galaxy S21 series drop tests

Allstate also discovered that when dropped face-down at a distance of six feet, all three models were damaged. The Galaxy S21 fared the best with a cracked screen. The display on the Galaxy S21+ was cracked, and malfunctioned. The largest of the three screens is the 6.8-inch AMOLED panel found on the top-of-the-line Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. After one drop, the display sustained the most damage of the three models and could not be used.

With the back-down tests, the Galaxy S21 suffered only minor cosmetic damage thanks to the use of polycarbonate on the rear instead of glass. Even after being dropped twice, the Galaxy S21 held its own. The Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G both suffered from shattered rear panels after just one drop. There was some good news, however. The "Contour Cut" metal rear camera housing on all three units survived the falls and the cameras were functional.

Last December Allstate wanted to rid smartphone owners of the fake news they have been used to. So the Insurance company released some interesting and truthful facts. For example, 140 million Americans have damaged a smartphone at some point in their life. At 45%, damaged screens were the most common form of smartphone damage with battery failure second (19%) and damaged corners and sides third (at 13%).

64% said that they would rather buy a new handset than have the damaged model repaired. Most feel that walking around with a phone sporting a cracked screen is unprofessional (49%) and embarrassing (47%). And continuing to use a damaged phone can leave you seriously injured. 30% of those responding to Allstate's survey cut their fingers on a broken display.

Interestingly, 80% of smartphone users have their device inside a case. Despite the protection that some cases offer, 21% have dropped and damaged their handset even with it placed inside a case. And only 12% of Americans sell their old phones. That is how you wind up with data showing that 68%  of Americans have at least one old phone in their house.

"Our survey found that many Americans underestimate the frequency of smartphone damage and the cost of repairs. Many opt to use damaged devices rather than seek repairs, suffering through embarrassment and even bodily harm to their fingers," said Jason Siciliano vice president and global creative director at Allstate Protection Plans. "We recommend that consumers invest in cases and screen protectors, and consider protection plans to help with repair costs. Considering how much we use our phones every day, it’s worth it." 
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