Your average Android phone may not get Jelly Bean, but the HTC HD2 will

Your average Android phone may not get Jelly Bean, but the HTC HD2 will
Do you remember the HTC HD2? Yeees, that one - the WM 6.5 phone that pioneered the 4.3" screens, but couldn't take full advantage of its powerful hardware due to the aging OS it came with. Well, after it got treated to various versions of Android and Windows Phone, this flexible handset has now been introduced to the latest Android version - Jelly Bean.

The mobile world is a strange place, isn't it? You have a more or less decent Android smartphone, and you know your chances of getting an update to Jelly Bean in a timely manner, at least officially, aren't very big. Meanwhile, someone with a an almost 3 year old phone, which wasn't designed to run Android in the first place, is able to install Android 4.1 and enjoy the latest software goodies. Well, what can you do? Those crafty folks over at XDA have once again managed to impress the modding community by creating such a ROM for the HD2. Sadly, the release seems to be far from perfect yet, as some important features like the camera, browser and Google Now don't work too good (or in some cases - at all), but here's to hoping that those will be worked out soon.

Users sporting low- and lower-mid end Android gear shouldn't be so pissed off to know about this. The HD2 may be an old device, but it has a nice and big screen, as well as hardware that is still more powerful compared to many Android models out there. That said, this doesn't mean that low-end devices can't run JB. They can, but the harsh reality is that manufacturers rarely bother to update such models.

You can track the progress of the mod and give it a try by visiting this XDA thread.

source: Electrigpig

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