Xiaomi invests into mobile health gadgetry. Is it making an alternative to Apple's Health?

Xiaomi invests into mobile health gadgetry. Is it making an alternative to Apple's Health?
There is a new fad evolving in the mobile device industry and that is health monitoring. Brought under the spotlight by Samsung, with its S Health, and now further expanded upon by Apple's Health; not to mention that a large part of the wearables market is aimed towards fitness / wellness monitors.

Well, seems Xiaomi wants in on the fun, too. China's number 1 smartphone vendor has recently invested $25 million in iHealth Labs – maker of the so-called mHealth (mobile health) gadgets, such as blood pressure monitors, smart scales, and activity trackers. In return for the generous investment, the Mi will get a seat in iHealth’s board of directors.

This is an interesting move, as iHealth Labs has been making devices that sync with iOS exclusively. Whether Xiaomi will only work towards adding Android gadgets towards iHealth's portfolio, or pull it away from iOS entirely, is yet unknown. It is speculated, however, that the Mi will try to create something similar to Apple's Health – an app that keeps track of various metrics, captured by the iPhone, the Apple Watch, and 3rd party devices. It seems that Xiaomi will not be shaking off its "the Apple of China" nickname anytime soon.

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Xaiomi's may look similar to Apple's health with minor tweaks and actually it was not brought under the spotlight by samsung (more like fitbit, jawbone, Nike fuel bands --when they paired with an iPhone)....they just heard of rumors surrounding devices, wearables, & health and decided to put a product and app out first of there own which didn't lead to market or consumer success imo.

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There is more to this already. They os starting to sell the blood pressure monitor this week for 199CNY (32.5$) vs Apple stores in China selling it at 130$ or US prices at 80$.

3. realjjj

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Xiaomi seems to be selling this starting tomorrow for 32.5$ http://www.ihealthlabs.com/blood-pressure-monitors/blood-pressure-dock/ But can't really find in Apple's US store or very the China pricing.

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