Xiaomi Mi 4i housed in a strong, unbreakable box tested by VP Hugo Barra

Xiaomi Mi 4i housed in a strong, unbreakable box tested by VP Hugo Barra
At the end of last month, the Xiaomi Mi 4i was introduced. The handset is a variant of the company's flagship Xiaomi Mi 4 and is made for the Indian market (hence the "i" in the phone's name). The manufacturer isn't called "China's Apple" for no reason; with its colorful plastic body, the whole feel of the Mi 4i gives off an Apple iPhone 5c vibe.

One area where Xiaomi might have Apple beat is with the indestructible box that houses the new Mi 4i. To demonstrate the strength of the box, Xiaomi's PR Lead Clinton Jeff stood on it to show how strong and tough the "Mi Box" is. But Xiaomi wanted to take the test to the next level, so VP Hugo Barra was called on to add some extra weight to the proceedings. We wonder if this particular job was mentioned in the contract that the executive signed with the Chinese manufacturer when he left Google.

As far as the testing goes, it looks like two grown men can step on the Mi Box and the container will not be damaged. Of course, we don't think too many purchasers of the Xiaomi Mi 4i are going to want to attempt this stunt with their new phone still inside the box. This isn't the first time that the company used this type of testing to gauge the strength of its box. A second video from two years ago, when Xiaomi was still unknown to many, shows a similar test being conducted on a smartphone box. It seems like the box testing process at Xiaomi hasn't changed much over the two years even if everything else has.

source: MiIndia, YouTube via BGR
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