World Health Organization will offer COVID-19 tips in a new iOS, Android app

World Health Organization will offer COVID-19 tips in a new iOS, Android app
While we’re waiting for the fast and cheap COVID-19 testing device from Lancaster University to enter production, the World Health Organization is making another step to help the public in this complicated health situation. The agency is preparing to launch an app for iOS, Android, and web which will offer various tips and help in the battle with the coronavirus pandemic, 9to5Google reports.

The app is called WHO MyHealth and is developed by a team of former Google and Microsoft employees, MIT specialists, as well as World Health Organization advisors and health experts. The app is scheduled for official release on March 30 and will include a vast array of COVID-19 topics and tools. A chatbot-like interface will answer questions about the disease like how it’s transmitted or what the symptoms are.

A triage tool will offer local assessment for users and there will be an “I might be sick” button to report potential cases to the authorities. The assessment tools include self-diagnose options such as reporting the level of fever/coughing/shortness of breath, recording potential contacts with an infected person, and traveling to an area with a high number of confirmed cases. WHO MyHealth will also feature an interactive map of the infection and the option to turn on location sharing to help medical experts track the spread.

“Leveraging existing technology like Google Maps, allows users to indicate whether they have been diagnosed or have come into contact with COVID-19 patients. In addition, request permission to track historic location data on their device.”, reads part of the official app design document.

Last week, WhatsApp launched an info hub in collaboration with WHO, providing information about the coronavirus via a chatbot. Other popular messaging services have joined the battle with the infection too - Snapchat released a COVID-19 myth-busting game, while Facebook opened its Messenger app to help health organizations, the UN, and UNICEF deliver fast and reliable information about the current pandemic.

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