Windows Phone 8 secret project revealed by Microsoft job offering

Windows Phone 8 secret project revealed by Microsoft job offering
Once again, Microsoft is on the looks for skilled software engineers, and Windows Phone is what they'll be working on. In particular, the company is hiring experienced developers for a classified project that has something to do with UEFI. The evidence comes in the form of a job offering posted online in late December.

Now, we know that UEFI doesn't sound like something to be excited about, but if this Microsoft project wasn't about something of significance, why would it be labeled as confidential? For those not familiar, UEFI stands for Unified Extensible Firmware Interface – think of it as what helps a device's operating system and firmware "talk" to each other and what makes Windows Phone 8 boot.

Therefore, this "new technology", as it is being referred to, could have something to do with faster boot-up, or some kind of a "deep sleep" mode in addition to stand-by, or it may even be related to better software back-ups. Protection against loading of unofficial firmware is not out of the question either. 

Of course, we could be completely wrong, but that's all the guesses we can come up with given the little evidence Microsoft is revealing. If you'd like to make a prediction of your own, feel free to do so down in the comments. 


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