Windows Mobile 7 coming in 2010 says Steve Ballmer

Windows Mobile 7 coming in 2010 says Steve Ballmer
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told stock market analysts during a conference call that Windows Mobile 7 should be released in 2010. While the software is third in OS market share behind Symbian and RIM, it still is a money losing venture for the guys from Redmond. But the executive said that with the continuing growth of the smartphone segment of the cellphone industry, Windows Mobile should continue growing even with a down economy. Many analysts cite the smartphone segment as being the only part of the wireless phone business that continues to grow even in the face of the world wide recession. Ballmer stated that Windows and Windows Mobile were two sides of a single project and to expect more sharing of functions, like the browser, between the two. He also said that there would be no Microsoft phone citing the firm's desire to stick to the licensing model of doing business.

source: wmpoweruser



1. jcom86

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Dear phonearena; Lately your editing has been, shall we say, sub par. For example, "segment of the celphone industry", and "desire to stick tio". I know I have not been the only one to see this problem in your articles over the past week. Please do promptly correct it. That is all.

2. T-Money3000 unregistered

agreed.. ooh look! they fixed it!

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