Wi-Fi-only Motorola XOOM now official, coming Mar 27th for $599

Wi-Fi-only Motorola XOOM now official, coming Mar 27th for $599

The Motorola XOOM might have been the tablet of your dreams, but its $800retail price tag is definitely hard to swallow. Scrapping off $200 definitely helps and that's exactly what the Wi-Fi-only versionof the 10.1-inch tablet does. Leaks hereand thereshould have prepared you for the launch scheduled for March 27th, butnothing compares to an official confirmation by Motorola.

And honestly, the 1GHz dual-core NVIDIATegra 2 processor paired with large screen boasting 1280 x 800 pixelresolution makes Honeycomb run just buttery smooth even without 3G or4G connectivity on board. Actually, the lack of 3G/4G connectivity seems to be the only difference between the Wi-Fi-only XOOM and the original one. No worries about lines when getting it either –the tablet will be available in a number of retail chains likeAmazon.com, Best Buy, Costco, RadioShack, Sam’s Club (selectlocations), Staples and Walmart. But is it better than the iPad 2,which still manages to undersell it with its $500 price tag for themost basic version? Check out our in-depth review of the Motorola XOOM to find out!

source: Motorola

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  • Display 10.1" 1280 x 800 pixels
  • Camera 5 MP / 2 MP front
  • Processor NVIDIA Tegra 2, Dual-core, 1000 MHz
  • Storage 32 GB + microSDHC



2. sen unregistered

why people always compare the price between xoom and ipad 2 ? they always said ipad 2 is only $499, but they never said it's for 16GB. And they never compare how much is 32GB ipad 2 & how much is 32GB xoom are. It's freaking same price !!! 32GB IPAD 2 WIFI only & 32GB XOOM WIFI only have the same price $599 !! Plus you can add more memory with sd card up to 32Gb for xoom ...

10. Droid_X_Doug

Posts: 5993; Member since: Dec 22, 2010

The iPad is rumored to have sold 1 million units its first weekend and the Xoom is struggling to hit 100,000 units sold. There is an endless number of excuses for the slow Xoom sales, but the fact is the iPad is killing the Xoom in sales. Me, I am cheering on the iPad because iPad sales will put pressure on Xoom prices. Moto had to release the Wi-Fi edition of the Xoom because the VZW 3G edition was not selling. The Wi-Fi edition will sell a few more Xooms, but nowhere near the sales volumes of iPads. When the other Android and webOS (even RIM's QNX PlayBook is supposed to be available at the end of March) tablets hit the market, there will be further downward pressure on the Xoom pricing. Patience will literally pay you if you want a Xoom. Here is a prediction - expect the Wi-Fi edition Xoom to be selling for around $499 (might be even lower) by the end of April.

3. jellmoo unregistered

Because it doesn't matter at the consumer level. All that the typical consumer sees is that the low end iPad is $500 while the low end Xoom is $600. The tech specs aren't going to really come into play. Apple is the dominant player in the game, and trying to compete with a base model that costs a hundred bucks more than their base model is a horrible marketing decision. Joe or Jane Average is unlikely to need more than a 16gb device. They just want the top device, that does the cool things they see on TV, and can run tons of apps. The reason people compare the prices is simply due to public perception and marketing. Low end model versus low end model. Apple is already dominating this market, and unless the competition comes in at least matching their price point, that isn't going to change.

4. doubler86

Posts: 320; Member since: Jan 26, 2011

The Xoom is better and if a regular person is going to spend $500 just to not do much, then they might as well get a laptop. The point is that Apple has better marketing thus far. The Xoom for a hundred dollars more makes multitasking much easier and the 1GB shows that very clearly. Not to mention since the majority of people buying tablets for easy web browsing, having flash is an advantage that just isn't stressed enough for the Xoom. Xoom is worth the $100 price difference as well as the way better choice for the same price. As for the price in general Apple's going to lose this battle because Android isn't a product on only one tablet. By June there will be Android tablets from $300 to $1000 that run Honeycomb. They'll have to make a big change to get back in. Simply making it a lil faster and thinner won't cut it anymore. (The cameras are worthless really low quality when I tried em, both VGA) The biggest thing however that is hurting Apple is that they claimed it would have the iPad 2 in big volume. Now with the wait growing to 3-4 weeks. It is going to give time for a minimum of 3 tablets to come out before then that are available when the iPad 2 is not.

5. jellmoo unregistered

How do you figure that they'll get a tablet to not do much? The iPad has over 60,000 iPad dedicated applications. Compare that to how many Honeycomb tablet apps currently exist. From a tech perspective, yes, the Xoom is a better machine. The issue is that it plain doesn't matter. Apple has created a completely controlled ecosystem dedicated to making the acquisition of the tablet, applications and content as easy as possible. The tech geek might say that the Xoom is a better deal, but the average consumer simply will not care. They are the ones that give Apple market dominance. At one point in the future, it is possible that Android tablets will outsell iOS tablets. But I simply don't foresee a situation where Apple isn't the #1 tablet vendor in the world. Their lead is staggering, their marketing unbeatable, and their control over the entirety of their offering unmatched.

6. doubler86

Posts: 320; Member since: Jan 26, 2011

There apple people going again with how many dedicated apps. Who cares? Those are the exact marketing tactics that make people fall for the cons Apple does. Look Android apps work on the tablet. Yes it's not dedicated to the Honeycomb tablet, and while yes a geek can notice it, the average person doesn't care. The apps are there and they work just fine. Plus android doesn't need to be jailbreaked to get a good app. For the iPad it might save them money to begin with but it will cost them so much more just to get a decent app. All the best Android apps are free. Every Apple iPhone user and iPad user I've ever met has said that there is no good free apps for the iOS. They either shell out the cash or jailbreak it. Android simply offers a lot more value. Apple only has a dominance of the tablets because they were the first to target towards consumers (we all hopefully know this technology was in business long before apple). As there are more choices available though it's going to loose it's flare very quickly. All it will take is a good marketing campaign from either Google, or any of the many manufacturer that make the Android tablets and in a year from now Apple sales will drop dramatically. In terms as the main vendor I don't see them having that by 2-3 years time. Android will already be having Quad core and affordable single core tablets by the end of the year. They are just moving faster than Apple can keep up with. It was simply amazing to see that Apple came out with the iPad 2 and there was already a tablet better in every way tech wise. That was only one tablet not to mention the at least 20 more coming out this year that could promise much more. Apple never had someone compete with them like the Android has. They simply have not yet been able to keep up with them in cellphones. Android dominating the 4G market this year while the iPhone 5 in every report by apple personnel will not support 4G LTE this year. Their value is lingering with everything else coming out in phones. Now tablets are simply going to follow.

7. jellmoo unregistered

First of, I'm not an "Apple person". If anything, I am a fan of webOS more than anything else. That out of the way... It is a simple fact: Apple has more tablet dedicated apps available than Android. Yes, other apps will work, but they have to be scaled up, which is not ideal. But if we count other apps, then the iPad is still ahead. People bring up this point, because it is an important one. Yes, it is marketing. That's what sells a product. All the tech specs in the world won't help if the other guy markets his product better. Here's the thing: Apple has the market right now. A simple fact. Yes, they were the only game in town, and they took advantage of that fact. They are still the only game in town that has a series of stores dedicated to selling their product, as well as their own digital distribution points to sell content directly to the consumer. No Android, Blackberry, webOS, or what other mobile OS has all of that. A person can walk into an Apple store, but an iPad, launch iTunes to buy an album and a movie, and then open up the app store and purchase an application. Apple runs the whole show, and makes profit off of every single part of it. No other device can do this. Now, a tech geek balks at this sort of closed environment. But the causal consumer won't. For them, it is a dirt simple way of getting a device, and getting content onto that device. That will ultimately matter to them a whole lot more than tech specs, openness, or customizability. You are making the mistake of lumping everything into "Android". These are a series of manufacturers using Android as their mobile OS. They are competing with each other as much, if not more so, than they are competing with Apple. Apple has one product to market and can do with all of their considerable marketing ability. They have done so with perfection. They have created the price point to beat, they have established what people expect out of the ecosystem, and they have done so with brutal efficiency. Every point you are bringing up is related to a tech spec. To you, me, and other tech geeks who read blogs and web sites detailing this stuff, these are very important. To Joe and Jane Average, they simply don't matter. Apple is winning this battle by catering to the public at large. Try and understand, I am not saying that the iPad 2 is a better device. I'm saying that the fact that it isn't simply does not matter.

8. doubler86

Posts: 320; Member since: Jan 26, 2011

I apologize for making that assumption but in using what you said the average joe and jane don't care about scaling either. That's the point I was making that if it's scaled or not for them, they don't care. It looks just fine. In terms of apps again the problem with apple is you have to pay for everything, that's how the developers make their money for them. In terms of google they rely more on their adds but at the same time users don't feel bombarded with them. So if apple has more apps again, who cares. The average person doesn't want to have to pay more right away after they just spent anywhere from $400 to $800 on these devices. Android offers that better value like I said before but Apple simply has better marketing. Android did gain a big leap from the Verizon Droid and it's Droid Does Campaign. But no major ads since then. Apple does run the whole show but actually that's why people return the iPad so much. Every retail that sells the iPad I always go in and ask if they have any open items. I have never gotten a no. (I've done this now for 4 months) You'd be surprised how what they first find easy turns into limited. Android is simply less limitations and is closer to getting to what tablets should be, and that is more like a full computer. Comsumers want more, and as more tablets come out they will like simple, rather have better quality for their right price. People like personalization and segmentation, Apple isn't doing this so that's why they will not last as the dominit OS for tablets. That's the trouble with Mass Marketing, it can only last for so long. The problem with thinking it that it doesn't matter is that thinking consumers are dumb. Consumers now a days have so many outlets to go to for reviews and finding out about technology than they ever have had before. So when they go into a store and see 10 tablets use them all and become educated on them, they are not usually going to choose an Apple with the limited price point they have. It makes me laugh when people say its so big right now because it has the most out of all of them. But when tablets will be going for $300-$400, most people like you said won't care about specs. Those tablets will have just as many limitations as the iPad 2 will have comparing to a computer and the Average Joe and Jane won't tell the difference. And when people want the best one out and care about specs then tablets like the Xoom will be a good choice until the next high tech specs will come out.

9. jellmoo unregistered

Have you looked closely at a scaled up application? It is really, really not pretty. I think there is a definite segment of the population that is going to look at the apps and say "Well, the iPad has 60 000 apps that don't do *that*. That's what I want". Free apps vs paid apps, I don't see a huge difference for most users. Most casual consumers all want the same apps. They want things like Facebook and Twitter (which are free regardless of ecosystem) or things such as Angry Birds (which is paid regardless of ecosystem). By and large, I just don't see there being a big difference in this regard. Considering that tablets are currently a "luxury" item regardless, I don't think app price is going to play into it to any great degree. I think you are off though on what people want out of a tablet. You are stating what "you" want out of one, and that is perfectly understandable. But the success of the iPad does not lie. My personal experience is the opposite of yours in that I have neither heard nor seen any mass returns of the device. Either way, both of our experiences would be anecdotal at best. It's not a matter of thinking consumers are dumb, it's simply a matter of understanding that people like you and I are the exception rather than the rule. We visit tech blogs on a regular basis, study each tablet, look at specs and compare every little pice of functionality. Most people simply do not do that. They go to the store wanting an iPad simply because Apple has dominated the market to the point where iPad is really the only product that is part of the public consciousness. I agree with you about the $300-$400 price point though. That is exactly what Android needs. They need a big name company (like Motorla, Samsung, HTC, or what have you) to come out with a device that undercuts Apple. It doesn't have to match iPad 2 specs, but just be a strong, solid device. Once that happens, then the market is going to open up. *That* will give Apple some competition. A product that comes in at a higher price point simply won't.

12. DJLegacy2k5

Posts: 212; Member since: Jan 28, 2011

Angry Birds is free on android....

16. doubler86

Posts: 320; Member since: Jan 26, 2011

Like it was stated angry birds is free on the android not paid for. The iPad free version is bombarded with ads so everyone just buys the free one, maybe that's why you thought that. If you take a closer look at the apps you will see the difference. It's just no comparison, most Android users don't buy apps, while almost every Apple user does. No actually the main reason people return the iPad one so often was because of the lack of what it did. I work in retail so I hear it on a continuous basis. What I see tablets are is a lot different personally. I see them as two things. One a great free time spender. Games, tether to my phone and use internet, apps, etc. Second is funny enough, doing things I do on my phone so that I have more battery life out of my phone. Which is funny since we spent so much time complaining how we wanted our phone to do everything and when we got it everyone complains about a smartphone battery to a regular phone battery. I am very aware of what I want a tablet for and know it's great limitations going in. When people come in asking for the Xoom though it was the same thing. More impressed with it than the iPad 2 but not willing to pay $800 for it. That's because the Xoom should have came out with both tablets at the same time instead of separate, it would have been a much better marketing strategy. But like we both agree Apple has far better marketing. Like I said before I don't think people will be as loyal to the iPad when there are 6 to 10 other tablets right next to it by the end of the summer. That's when they'll start to do a bit of consumer research and find out about them. In the end it will usually just come down to the feel of it and what they want mixed with what they can afford. Well the samsung galaxy wifi only will be $399, MSi which did well in netbooks will be $299, the other brands have not announced pricing but they are expected to be iPad competitive. So as more come out it will simply be like the computer market. 80% goes to all those manufacturer and the other 20% goes to Apple. Of course this will be different as Android will probably take the majority, HP WebOS will match Apple I'm guessing and Blackberry will make a play but most likely fall short.

11. 530gemini

Posts: 2198; Member since: Sep 09, 2010

All these ipad2 vs xoom wars. The majority have spoken, and the ipad2 wins. Xoom has been released before the ipad2, yet the ipad2 has already way surpassed xoom's sales. The ipad2 is the real tablet. The xoom wants to be a computer. Motorola squeezed in as many specs as they can, even impractical and unnecessary features for a tablet, just so it would seem more impressive than the ipad2. Thinking that those added specs would be enough to make it more appealing than the ipad2. WRONG. The ipad2 still excels more on features that matters more on a tablet. Tons of apps, smoothness, responsiveness, service, design, fun factor, and software stability.

13. p0rkguy

Posts: 685; Member since: Nov 23, 2010

I wasn't going to reply to this but your post got ignorant and wrong after the 3rd sentence and you just sound like a stupid fan boy. Your statements are saying is that Apple invented the "tablet".

14. 530gemini

Posts: 2198; Member since: Sep 09, 2010

And you're too stupid to understand simple english. I said, the ipad is the real tablet. Now how did the word "real" become invented? You're one dumb thing :)

17. doubler86

Posts: 320; Member since: Jan 26, 2011

The Xoom is currently only a Verizon 3G model so you would only compare it's sales to iPad 2's Verizon 3G model 32GB. That's the first dumb part of your rant. Second if you would be intelligent enough to look into your sales forecasting you could see that the least sold iPad 2 have been all the Verizon models. The Xoom would attribute to that since it was smart enough to give a discount for the contract. Thirdly the Xoom sales are obviously going to go up when the WiFi only version especially because the iPad 2 can't be found anywhere for about 2-4 weeks based on their sales and inability to keep enough inventory. Lastly there is nothing about the iPad 2 that excels the Xoom with the exception of one model having a lower price when the Xoom WiFi model is out. If you think the iPad 2 is what a real tablet should be, then you'll be shocked by the end of the year with all the better and cheap tablets that come out. The iPad 2 won't have those sale numbers improving. Now that you have simple english down you might want to work on educating yourself on current events better than just what's on the front page.

15. brikz4real

Posts: 173; Member since: Dec 24, 2008

Maybe it's me, but I thought the current XOOM was already "Wifi Only". All you have to do is buy it at its original price ($799) and you will have no contract involved with it. You just have to have the data plan on it (preferrably the $20 plan) for just one month and then cancel VZW service. But I may be wrong.

18. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

It has a CDMA band inside and can have LTE with an update so it means it will work with any CDMA band and give you internet regardless of your wifi connection

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