Why did BlackBerry create the Passport Silver Edition?

Why did BlackBerry create the Passport Silver Edition?
Why has BlackBerry decided to offer an updated version of the BlackBerry Passport? According to the company's Senior Industrial Designer Di Tao, the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition combines a more premium look for the device in an attempt to capture a broader appeal for the phone. A metal frame has been employed in the updated model, which is a tad taller and tad thinner than the original Passport model. The frame helps the phone better survive a fall to the floor. The new design on the back, according to Tao, provides an improved grip and helps the Passport feel more secure in your hands, and there is a new stainless steel camera ring on the back of the phone that protects the lens better.

Starring in a new video, BlackBerry Senior Product Marketing Manager Sarah Jacobs revealed some other changes to the phone, including a revision to the physical QWERTY. Now, a lighter touch will register an input on the screen, which should speed up your typing. A larger chin has been added to the Passport to improve the balance of the unit.

While she might not be the most impartial observer, Jacobs says that with the Passport, she is able to accomplish more out of the office because of the wide screen (the 4.5-inch 1440 x 1440 display has not been touched in the new Silver Edition). On the video, she discussed editing a document on a train ride. Many of those without a physical QWERTY might not even attempt a task like that while riding the rails.

As we told you on Tuesday, the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition is now available in the U.S., unlocked, for $549. Purchase it now and BlackBerry has more than $130 worth of accessories with your name on it (not literally). Check out our hands-on of the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition, hot off the press.

source: BlackBerry via Crackberry
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