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Which phone will survive this drop test, the Motorola Moto Z Force or the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active?


A drop test between the Motorola Moto Z Force and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is a bit unusual. Both models have some protection from drops. The Moto Z Force features a shatterproof screen, and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is a rugged handset designed to withstand drops from up to 5-feet onto a flat service.

The first test was the back drop from 1 meter (3.3-feet) high. While this would seem to be a breeze for the Galaxy S7 Active, it was the Moto Z Force that held up the best between the two. Thanks to the placement of the connectors for the Moto Mods right on the back of the Moto Z Force, that area of the handset has to be able to take a licking and keep on ticking. This is exactly what happened with round one of the drop test.

Round two was the bottom drop from a meter high. This time it was the Galaxy S7 Active that held up the best thanks to the durable plastic build of the phone. The Moto Z Force's metal build sustained some minor damage. If you heard the sound of both handsets hitting the concrete slab, you probably expected things to look even worse. The side drop was next, and once again the Moto Z Force got scuffed up a little more than the Galaxy S7 Active.

Then came the scariest test of them all, the face drop. The Moto Z Force was the favorite here because of its shatterproof screen. The Galaxy S7 Active is no slouch either as that phone's display features Gorilla Glass 4. And sure enough, both devices completed the face drop with their displays' intact.

Since neither phone was disabled, both were eligible for the Bonus Round. This means that both keep getting dropped until they are no longer functional. The Galaxy S7 Active, which took part in a drop test against the regular Galaxy S7 earlier this year, went through 50 bonus rounds during that test without one little crack appearing on the screen (although it did suffer some scuff marks). Could the Motorola Moto Z Force match the 50 bonus drops? If not, the Galaxy S7 Active would be declared the winner.

Instead of being a spoiler and giving away the result, you can check for yourself whether or not the shatterproof display on the Moto Z Force lived up to its name. Simply click on the video at the top of this story.

source: Ava360
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