Which Android manufacturer is the fastest to update its devices? Which carrier?

Which Android manufacturer is the fastest to update its devices? Which carrier?
So which Android manufacturer is the fastest to update its devices? Lock in your response. Ok, the answer is, with an average time of 4.8 months, HTC. In second place is Samsung. Thanks to the quick 4.5 months it took to start updating the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Korean manufacturer was able to improve its average time to 6.9 months. Motorola was third with an average of 8.6 months to update. Besides that average, Motorola has received low marks for failing to update models like the Motorola DROID 3, Motorola ATRIX 4G and Motorola PHOTON 4G. LG was last with an average 11.8 months to update.

Looking at the carriers, T-Mobile was the speediest with an average time of 5.8 months with Sprint coming in second with an average 6.5 months before update. Coming in third was AT&T which took an average of 7.8 months to update an Android model. And last, with an average of 8 months, is Verizon. Actually, that is no surprise as many of Big Red's customers have bitched about the slow updating at the nation's largest carrier. A case in point, look at the Samsung Galaxy S III's update to Android 4.1. Sprint was the first with the update in late October followed by T-Mobile which rolled out the update in mid November. In early December, AT&T subscribers had to pull the update out of Kies. Last Friday, Verizon started disseminating the update at last.

It's a no-brainer, but we should point out that if speedy updates are your thing, then the stock Android Nexus will always be the answer. On Sprint and Verizon, the Samsung GALAXY Nexus updated in only 2.5 months.

source: ArsTechnica via BGR


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