Where is 5G available in the world right now?

Where is 5G available in the world right now?
The year is 2020 and we are now witnessing more and more countries getting 5G since its first deployment last year. In some areas of the world, 5G download speeds are faster than 4G LTE download speeds, although the newer mobile technology is still in its infancy and more development is underway to improve it.

That’s exciting and all, but where in the world exactly do people have access to this newer, faster network? Below, you can see where in the world 5G has been deployed so far.

Where is 5G available; quick reference:

5G in The United States

Although 5G speeds and coverage in the US are far from perfect on any of the three major carriers Verizon, T-mobile and AT&T at the moment, 5G is available in a lot of major cities in the States. We have detailed coverage maps where you can check the 5G availability for your state and carrier:

5G in Canada

In Canada, 5G isn’t that mainstream yet. Two major Canadian carriers, Bell and Telus, have deployed 5G in two cities: Calgary and Endmonton. Unfortunately, as of now, other Canadian cities do not have access to the newer, faster mobile network.

5G in Australia and New Zealand

Australia enjoys good 5G availability on its East Coast, where Australian carrier Telstra provides 5G access to most of the cities. Consumers in Australia can enjoy the faster 5G network in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane and Townsville, among other cities on the in this popular tourism-centered East Coast.

People in New Zealand have 5G thanks to Vodafone. Cities that have 5G and widely available for purchase 5G-enabled smartphones are Christchurch, Wellington and Queenstown.

Spark, another carrier, provides 5G networks in some areas of New Zealand. However, although the network itself is available, 5G-capable devices are limited to select customers and not widely available.

5G in the UK

The UK has a widely deployed 5G network which is accessible from almost all major cities in the country. Carriers Vodafone, O2, Three and EE are assuring that people can benefit from 5G’s faster network speeds.

5G in Ireland

In Ireland, carriers that offer 5G are Vodafone and Eir. The 5G mobile network is available in Dublin, Limerick, Waterford, Wexford, Cork and other cities in the country.

5G in Europe

Countries in Western Europe overall enjoy 5G; however, the newer network technology is not available in all the countries in the European Union. Countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland have access to 5G, while France and some others does not have 5G at all at the moment.

Hungary has 5G in two major cities - Budapest and Zalaegerszeg, thanks to carriers Vodafone and Magyar Telecom. Other cities in the country, however, are without 5G at the moment. Romania is the only country bordering the Black Sea that has deployed the newer mobile technology in some major cities.

Italians have access to 5G thanks to Vodafone and TIM, but only in two major cities: Rome and Naples. Other cities in Italy don’t have 5G yet.

In Spain, Vodafone provides access to 5G in several major cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, and some smaller cities as well.

In Northern Europe: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Latvia also have 5G available in some major cities. An interesting fact is that in Svalbard’s archipelago, located in the Arctic Ocean, carrier Telenor has made 5G available for the 3000 people that live there.

Countries in Eastern Europe do not have 5G as of now, except Romania.

5G in Asia

5G is widely deployed in a lot of countries on the Asia continent. However, the countries that mostly have 5G available are China, Thailand, Japan and South Korea.

As a matter of fact, South Korea was among the first countries to officially deploy a commercially available 5G network last year, almost at the same time as Verizon deployed the 5G network in the United States. Although there is no official consensus on who was actually first to deploy 5G in 2019, South Koreans have been enjoying great 5G availability in their country thanks to carriers SK Telecom, KT and LG U+ for around a year now.

The Philippines have 5G in two cities: the capital Manila and the city Cabanatuan. The 5G network there is managed by carrier Globe Telecom.

Japan’s major cities all have access to 5G, managed by carriers Softbank, NTT Docomo and KDDI(Au).

Singapore also has deployed 5G, available for consumers. In the small city-state, the 5G network is provided by the carrier MTN.

India does not have a commercially available 5G network at the moment.

5G in Africa

A large part of the African continent does not have access to 5G at the moment, although the newer mobile technology is deployed in South Africa. People in Madagascar enjoy 5G thanks to the carrier Telma Mobile SA, in the cities Antananarivo and Toamasina.

Ookla 5G global coverage map by Speedtest


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